What clients say about Steve

I’ve been to Doctors and they have taken x rays and I have been to orthopedists and I have been to Physical Therapy, acupuncture and none of it has done what Feldenkrais® has done for me. You have really cut my pain so much, Steve, you really have. I was a mess when I first walked into your office. Thank you so much!

- Hillary Hacker

I've had this pain in my side for many years, very debilitating, and getting worse. I was very worried. I talked to Steve about it, and he told me the probable cause(s), and how to fix it. I did what he said. My pain is now gone! completely, thanks to Steve.

- Juan Girardi, CEO, Brain Optimization Institute

Steve has the most incredible touch. I have had other Feldenkrais® practitioners work with me, and none of them compare. He has really helped, permanently, my knee and neck trouble. His "scoliosis lessons" are really amazing.

- Lori Cadwell

I now know simple ways to relieve my body of stress and tension. Thanks, Steve, for showing me an exercise to use for my broken shoulder (walking the wall with my fingers).

- Johnnie Mae Devereaux

Steve Hamlin is one of the best Ortho-Bionomy® practitioners in Los Angeles.

- Rouel Cazanjian, Advanced Practitioner/Advanced Instructor

Steve did more for my chronic neck pain in 45 minutes than 4 years of physical therapy. He should be working with fighter pilots before missions -- they would perform a lot better.

- Art Manger, past president of World Health Organization and fighter pilot during two wars

Without weekly Feldenkrais® sessions with Steve my creativity starts to diminish. I really really feel it, if I miss a week, my body gets hungry for another session. That youthful, buoyant feeling comes back after Feldenkrais work with Steve. I think people lose creativity as they grow older because they let their bodies get compressed, and they mentally get depressed also.

- Julienne Johnson, award-winning musician/producer/composer

I have been coming for so many years to see Steve to help me with a pre-cancer conditions that I had, backaches, lack of sleep and depression and my other symptoms like bladder problems – and I have seen and felt a lot of healing. I have been functioning very well and Steve is working with me right now to help me have a good night’s sleep and things are getting better for me, and I appreciate all the service that he has taught me regarding food, combinations of food, raw foods, and helping me to rely more and more on natural herbs and natural foods to keep my body happy, healthy and well. I recommend his service highly. I am now 75 years old and I feel younger like at 55 years old. And I know Steve’s work has helped me to accomplish this feeling.

- Elvira Kanim

I was using a walker, and look at me now – I am walking normally. My knees were a mess. It is only because of Steve. I see him every week now. I don’t like to miss my sessions.

- Sabina Virgo

I was absolutely amazed at Steve's Feldenkrais® lessons because of the way they were designed -- to show initially what you cannot do and then with movements that seem to have absolutely nothing to do with it, you then at the end of the sessions were easily able to do it. This seemed miraculous to me. I certainly liked your approach and your genuine interest and skill in directing those lessons and your years and years of knowledge of the human physiology and that knowledge fell right in line with the lessons, and in addition, all that knowledge you have from other sources added interest.

- De Ann Dingwall

I don't know what you did with my back last time, but it was incredible. I felt it releasing all week long. It kept on going after the lesson. Can you come and give workshops for my students?

- Victoria Kocek

All that stuff is gone. I thought my body was going to need lots of time to heal all that pain.

- Maurezio Zorini, Lomi Lomi Massage Therapist, Author, Naturopathic Physician, student of yoga (after his second Feldenkrais® lesson with me)

There may be something to this Feldenkrais® thing, after all.

- Hunt Barclay, President, JOG-A-LIGHT

I felt the good effects of what you did for two weeks afterwards.

- Mike Mitchell, Chiropractor (after his first lesson)

Last year, I was having trouble with acid reflux. You suggested an exercise and after I did the exercise for a few weeks, the acid reflux was gone. I am so grateful for all the good tips you have given me. You present them without pressure so that I, at 70, can be comfortable.

- Maxine Rounsavall

Steve, after my car accident, I was a real mess. I could not even play handball like I usually do. It was funny, even though I have health insurance, and could have seen chiropractors or doctors, I somehow knew that you were the only one who could really help me. I know that you will straighten me out.

- Giorgio Tupanjen

Please note that I have enjoyed the privilege of being in Steve Hamlin's class "Bones for Life" for several years, at the OASIS Senior Center in Westwood, Calif. I learned how to use the strong muscles of my body, how to vary my manner of walking, even how to fall so as not to fall, and virtually a whole bag of tricks that Steve "pulled out" of this incredible form of exercise called The Feldenkrais Method® or Awareness Through Movement®. I have taken your amazing class several times and have also ventured into classes with other practitioners, but you're the best.

- Clara B. Levine

I admire your teaching style and easy manner.

- Gladys Fabe

A class demonstration by Steve, once experienced, will stay with you forever!

- Bev Mowry

Steve, you are really good, do you know that? What do you do, exactly? Why is it that when I see chiropractors, I feel better, but it does not last? When I see you, I feel so much better all week long.

- Jasmine Bonk

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