More Exercises - Walking & Sitting

"The main thing is the relaxation response of the non weight-bearing leg. All this information should not obscure that over-riding fact. This cannot be rushed and may actually take some years. But by practicing you will soon be able at will to shift your habitual style of walking into something more elegant, restful and beautiful.” -SH

While Walking

  • Standing and shifting weight, activate consciously the relaxation response in the non-weight bearing leg. Soften the knee of the foot that is taking weight
  • Let walking come from that kind of shifting weight
  • As you are walking think of pushing a leg behind you, rather than foot in front
  • As you are walking appreciate the little moments that a foot is taking weight
  • As a foot takes weight let it relax and trust and sense that the talus doing its job to balance you
  • Remember, your old habit will always be there, you learned it very well. Don’t be discouraged, but just continue now and then to explore this new way of walking.

While Sitting

  • Walk the sitting bones behind, knees shoulder width
  • Use harder and flatter chairs
  • The chair should be high enough so your pelvis is a little higher than your knees
  • Often move from the floor of the pelvis – the foundation of sitting, not the lower back!
  • Relax the belly; this helps the lumbar arch to form without a back rest  
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