Pesticide/Herbicide Detox

"You need to stay in a comfortably warm or hot bath for 2 and 1/2 hours minimum in order to get any pesticides out at all.” -SH

Detoxing with Salt Baths

These notes were typed about 15 years ago (now it is May 2015), and since then I have taken many dozens of salt baths, as described here.  All my experience confirms what is found in these notes. Here you will find information about salt baths I have seen nowhere else. The only other thing that can take the place of salt baths is regular swimming in the ocean.

“M” is a code for a medical intuitive and shaman who wishes to remain anonymous. He has had good success healing cancer patients and helping Parkinson’s patients and salt baths are one of his main tools. He claims that these salt baths will detox pesticides and herbicides from the body better than any other method; and it is cheap and easy for anyone who has access to a bathtub and water purification salt (50 pound bags of this salt cost about $8.00 at my local Home Depot).  

Here is a fairly complete representation of M’s thinking about salt baths and the advice he gives to clients.

M is experimenting with much more than 6 cups salt per tub. He feels it will reduce the time you need to spend in the tub. He is using 12 or 18 cups salt per bath and staying in only for one hour or even 45 minutes, and feels he is getting the same benefits.


Salt Baths, an amazing healing tool, for just pennies: There is a powerful tool we can all use to detox from pesticides. Pesticide residue is everywhere, buildings are sprayed regularly, most foods are polluted with it (even organic). It is difficult to effectively detox this material. It blows into cities on the wind from surrounding farmland.  Schools, all government buildings, all apartment and condo complexes, supermarkets, churches, shopping malls, park trails and campsites, homes, motels, busses and airplanes and taxis  - all regularly sprayed. It is considered good hygiene. Who wants bugs crawling around? The trouble is, pesticides and herbicides are chemical cousins of human hormones and neurotransmitters – so our bodies have trouble getting rid of these poisons.  Do you think they are harmless?

If you Google “pesticides and the brain” or “herbicides and the brain” you get millions of hits – all of them documenting the evidence that serious damage happens to our brains with exposure.

Some scientists have written that many species are going extinct because of this. And even humans are affected.  Dr. Lee, who promoted Progesterone cream for women, says, "The last fertile male may already have been born". Because pesticides affect reproductive genetic make up of descendents. Dr. Lee feels we should absolutely not worry about the population explosion. The last fertile male may already have been born. What we should worry about is  --- survival. Dr. Lee writes about this in his popular book, WHAT YOUR DOCTOR MAY NOT TELL YOU ABOUT MENOPAUSE.

A very alternative, creative and original healer I will call "M", at this time living in Mexico does a form of hands-on healing work, and has had good success with cancer patients and also Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s etc; He has had over 45 years experience in the field. He has worked with a Ph.D. (Dr. Hulda Clark) who specialized in removal of heavy metals and solvents, so he understands about getting heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, and parasites out of the body.  M feels chelation therapy is not safe. There are microbes, heavy metals, etc, in the chelating solution, no matter what the manufacturer says. M says your immune system SHOULD be able to handle parasites and parasite eggs, heavy metals, solvents and all the rest -- IF you do the SALT BATHS. And if “the immune system has not been blown out by radiation, chemotherapy and medications”. Anyone especially who works around chemicals, solvents (like painters, printers, mechanics, gas station attendant, etc) or heavy metals should do regular salt baths. This protocol is so simple it is certainly worth trying.

First a brief summary of the basics— You need to stay in a comfortably warm or hot bath for 2 and 1/2 hours minimum in order to get any pesticides out at all. Longer is better of course. No more than four hours. The time needed to detox may decrease (explained later). Use five or six cups (or more -- I use 12 cups for better effect) salt to one tub of water. The kind of salt you use -- needs to be sea salt, and M says you can buy it from a supermarket or Home Depot or any Home Supply Store (look for Morton’s Sun Dried Sea salt for water conditioners near the checkout) or OSH (Orchard Hardware) or Home Depot -- it is a water conditioner salt (only costs $8.95 for 40 pounds) – you only want a (usually) blue bag of salt that says “ made by MORTONS” and also “made in Mexico” or at least that says 99% sodium chloride and “sun dried”.  – It is a white 40 or 50 pound blue bag. Usually Albertson’s carries it. Ralph's has it too Crystals. Be sure it is sodium Chloride, not any other mineral with no additives.  Home Depot also carries water conditioner salt. Must be sure to get sodium chloride and not some other chemical.  Note that Epsom salts while it will work for this purpose - it is not as effective. 


A caution: if you have heart trouble you need to be cautious about being that long in warm to hot water. Also some persons with balance trouble, weakness, may need an attendant to help them out of the tub after the bath. If you know you have trouble with a heart condition, balance, getting dizzy when standing up, be sure to get medical approval before attempting salt baths. And be SURE to have an attendant to help you after your bath. Falling asleep in a tub full of water could be lethal.  So be cautions about salt baths late at night. Only do that if you are confident you will not get drowsy. Use of earplugs is recommended to keep water out of ear. When the inner ear gets moist ear infections, yeast fungus etc can result.


Sit in as much water as tub will hold easily. You could plug the little drain below the fawcet half way up the tub with plastic wrap to have the water higher in the tub. Add 5 to 6 cups salt.

M recommends the following protocol to detox from pesticides. You stay in bath until you get cramps or other symptoms – based on a principle familiar to holistic practitioners regarding healing while detoxing -- the "law of the cure" where you experience in reverse order your past illnesses and traumas. You may taste pesticides, get itchy or feel restless and uncomfortable, sleep may be disturbed. Muscle spasm or cramping is the most usual symptom. Muscles cramp when exposed to almost any toxins, including medications of many kinds.  So, you stay in the tub until you get those kinds of symptoms or 2 and 1/2 to 4 hours, whichever comes first. When you are "clean" you can stay in the bath four hours with NO discomfort. M keeps himself at this level. Discomfort is caused by the pesticides.

But in my case, I don’t get such symptoms, I just feel relaxed and later, I get detox symptoms, feeling itchy, sneezing, sweating. I think it can go either way.

Don’t worry so much about city water and chlorine and fluoride. All the evidence shows that fluoride in city water will NOT be absorbed in through the skin during a salt bath, so do not worry about that More important is to do the salt baths no matter the water quality. Just do them. Use a little clay or cut onions or blended greens or herbs to absorb poisons in the water, if you are concerned about that. But that is too much trouble for me. You can draw very hot bath water and let the chlorine “gas out” in ten or so minutes, keep a window open. You can now buy water filters for bathwater. Or you can use a shower filter, and get a cheap plastic pipe at Home Depot or OSH to run from the shower nozzle to the tub, that way you get filtered water to take the bath in.  Must do the bath anyway you can, filtered water or plain tap water, it does not much matter, according to M.

Your first bath you may have to stay in for 4 hours to get symptoms of restlessness, itchy skin, etc. The second bath you may only have to stay in for 3 hours to "get symptoms". Then 2 hours, etc. Finally you "get symptoms" after an hour or less. You are almost clean then. The water will become lukewarm after half an hour or so. Then, drain out some water and add more hot water and salt. Keep the temperature of the bath comfortably hot.

It is important to understand, though, that the main detox happens when the bath water is COOLER than skin temperature. Toxins travel from warm skin to cool water. So sit in the tub as the water cools down to a slightly uncomfortably cool temperature.

Take baths every other day. Depending on how toxic you are, will determine how many you need. It depends on where you have worked and lived, how healthy your immune system is, what your diet is like. Parkinson and Alzheimer’s patients, per M, need at least 14-16 salt baths. M says that at a recent convention in San Diego concerning pesticides, evidence was presented showing that exposure to pesticides means greater likelihood of getting Parkinson’s.  M says he has felt this to be true since the early 80’s.  Parkinson’s patients, says M, absolutely, they can be helped. IF they take the salt baths, and see him.   (I personally would add MSM is good for all to take, especially Parkinson’s patients, since it makes the blood brain barrier more permeable, allowing the heavy metals and pesticides to exit the brain more easily) M says he needs to do salt baths after traveling, due to the pollution he picks up on the road.  M refuses to stay in motels, ("all are sprayed'), or even to come near to Los Angeles – “one of America’s most toxic cities”. M says Phoenix, Arizona is also extremely toxic with pesticides and herbicides since it is surrounded by farmland, and all the farmers are spraying poison on their crops. When he travels he will always sleep in his own car rather than in a motel or hotel that is always loaded with poison spray in the rugs and furniture.

M says that indoor pollution is also a problem. He lives close to a west facing ocean beach. So the air he breathes is usually fresh ocean air. Also, he keeps he windows of his house ALWAYS open, no matter the season of year. He never uses heaters. “Must bundle up” is what he does, if it gets too cold.  (He will come to San Diego). 

Government buildings (federal, state, county or city), hospitals, clinics, buses, taxis, air conditioned sealed buildings, most office building, many private homes, tented, and churches, supermarkets, shopping malls are certainly --- toxic  -- and sprayed. Do you see spiders or roaches or ants crawling around in these places? Why not?  They spray regularly. We breathe those fumes when we visit these places. M says when he travels he uses his station wagon to sleep in – always. Motels are very toxic and make him sick; Motels can cause cancer. M says to watch for swelling around the eyes – a little puffiness – a little itching -- and maybe a little sinus congestion or allergy, nasal irritation – when staying in motels or hotels.  These are early warning signs that you are being exposed to pesticides. Do salt baths whenever you get those symptoms.  

M says it is insane to go to Tijuana for a healing clinic to cure cancer and stay in a toxic motel -- that is sprayed every week or month -- that will make you worse. Airplanes are all very toxic – international flights especially are HEAVILY SPRAYED after each visit to a foreign country, especially third world.  M says be careful buying a house or renting an apartment. Has it been tented for termites? Did the people spray RAID etc for bugs?  Living there could give you lots of troubles.

Back to the SALT BATHS. They are a super-easy, effective way to detox these poisons. Who knew? No other kind of detox will work as well for this purpose, according to M. It is harmless, it feels relaxing and is very inexpensive. Try it out – give it a week or so and see if you feel better in certain ways.

Draw the water as high as you can. Use plastic wrap or tape or? To cover the drain opening high in the bathtub so you can draw more water. The more water you draw the more salt you add. The water should be as salty as ocean water, ideally. This mimics our early evolutionary environment. Perhaps, for this reason the whole system recognizes salt baths as biologically friendly, and is able to discharge deep toxins. Because, of course, when that period of evolution was going on (millions or billions of years ago) there were no pollutants/toxins. So the body tends to reproduce the conditions of that time period (This is my speculation, not M’s).  M noticed that surfers were generally very healthy and clean - from pesticides.  So he wondered if it was the time spent in salt water -- hence the salt bath idea.  Experience has shown it works.

You sit there for at least 20 minutes or half an hour. That is wonderful and you’ll get tremendous and noticeable benefits.  If you feel uncomfortable and itchy after 20 minutes you are very toxic with herbicides/pesticides and you really really really need these baths three times a week for sure! You will be able to work up to higher times as you detox.

But later, and especially for serious conditions stay about 3 hours. Never less than 2 and 1/2 in order to be effective, but you start out with what you are able to do, and work up to those times. Eventually four hours. And be sure to stay in the bath until you are uncomfortable cool at the very end – when your body is warmer than the water THEN is when the toxins leave your skin and go into the cooler water. It is simple temperature gradient diffusion.

But anyway, during a bath, if you get symptoms it is telling you --when is enough time. You get deep movement of the pesticides -- M says as the stuff leaves the deep spaces in the body and comes more to the surface, it affects the muscles (cramps). When this happens it also is coming into, and out of, the skin. So when you get these symptoms it is time to get out of the bath.

Remember pesticides mimic human/insect neurotransmitters and hormones and the immune system has trouble discriminating between natural body chemicals and these deadly poisons.  So it is reasonable to expect that it takes time, patience, and unusual measures to detox these from the body.  A point of interest: there is also evidence long hot saunas, along with taking niacin (the hot flush kind) in increasing doses, exercise and medical supervision can be effective at removing pesticides. There is a clinic in Mexico City that does exactly this. It is run by an MD toxicologist form Texas who was "run out" of Texas for diagnosing and treating Mexican migrant farm workers for pesticide poisoning. This made him VERY unpopular with the ranchers and local/state politicians.  There is only one book on the market that I know about describing how to work this protocol. You need to ask the person who gave you this for the name of the book (certain reasons prevent me listing the title here). And as M says, sauna therapy should NEVER be considered by those on any psychiatric drug, such as Prozac. Salt baths are the only choice for these persons.

Pesticide toxicity is a forbidden medical topic. M says an MD will test you for it only if you absolutely insist. But the MD knows that if at least half an hour has passed since your exposure, the medical tests will come out negative. He says most MD's will deliberately keep you waiting a long time before a pesticide toxicity test, He says they want to be sure it comes out negative. Information on pesticide toxicity is VERY RARE. Pesticides are manufactured by the same Agra-business/pharmaceutical companies that produce prescription drugs.  Every single medical school Department Chair is funded by a drug company.  Most media outlets are heavily dependent on advertising from these companies. Even many alternative and holistic oriented magazines.  All major newspapers. All weekly newsmagazines.  Anything about toxicology or the harm from pesticides and herbicides is NEVER published. It is a very big business, and all the poison companies are owned by the drug companies. Only in the very marginal alternative press will you ever find reference to pesticide toxicity. It is a heavily suppressed, even forbidden and ridiculed topic in mainstream media.   

So M makes the point -- don't bother to ask or tell your MD about this. You will get ridicule, sarcasm or worse. Either they don't know, or don't want to know. There is nothing they can do anyway. They will do their best to find a reason to give you still more toxic drugs to treat whatever is bother you. Use your common sense, your intuition.

M says because many doctors believe stress is the main killer, the main cause of sickness (it is probably true), they jump to the conclusion that because drugs often relieve symptoms and pain, they reduce stress, AND THEREFORE drugs are good. This is the logic of a drug pusher, a drug dealer. Beware such logic! 

Drugs don't treat causes, only symptoms. Drugs add to the toxic load of the body. They can be addictive. They are so heavily advertised on TV and other media, the average American has been heavily brainwashed. Any chemical not natural to the body is a stress to the body. By prescribing drugs the doctor relieves himself of all responsibility to delve into true causes of disease, and true healing. Any drug that dulls the warning symptoms of pain, discomfort means you won't fully learn the lessons that disease has come into your life to teach you. With the proper use of herbs and alternative therapies, there is always an educational component, to correct the behavior that caused the problem in the first place.


Mahatma Ghandi said of western medicine: "It is satanic, because it does not teach people to change the habits that created the disease."

So take a salt bath and try it out. Don't let the MD's discourage you or ridicule you for doing so. It is a harmless therapy. You cannot hurt yourself. Wait a day and repeat.  The second bath you perhaps may only have to stay in there for 2 hours and fifteen minutes instead of 2 and one half. Each succeeding bath the time should be less to get symptoms. You are getting cleaner. When you get symptoms in less than one hour you are about done. Test yourself about then with a four-hour bath – you should be able to do it with perfect comfort and no symptoms (even days later, like feeling sick, mental confusion, sweating, sneezing, etc). When you can do that, you are clean.

Personally I like the feeling so much I will take salt baths on consecutive days. I feel like there is momentum of the poison leaving the body and I don’t want to stop or slow down the process. But that may be just me. Probably for most folks going slower is better. 

Put some small towels or washrags in the bath as you are sitting there. Use these as little cushions to sit and lean against. It will make your experience much more comfortable.

You should stay this way each year – do enough baths so you don’t get a build up.  At any time of the year we want to be able to sit 4 hours in a salt bath with absolutely no discomfort, either during the bath or hours or days later.  Keep yourself at this level. Periodically schedule a 4-hour salt bath. If you cannot comfortably stay 4 hours, you have work to do.

One way to look at the immune system is like cleaning out a trash barrel; You can fill the body up with all kinds of garbage, Junk food, food coloring, and heavy metals. Pesticides, etc and your immune system can handle it all  -- up to a point. When you reach that point the trash barrel is full. Now, any little thing you do is going to affect you. Maybe with allergies. Or flu. Or colds. Or just discomfort. Indigestion. Aches and pains. Rheumatoid arthritis. Chronic disease. Even cancer.

To repeat M’s warning: The body can get rid of almost everything except the pesticides. Those chemicals are neurotoxins, or hormone like synthetic chemicals. And they are similar to natural human neurotransmitters and/or hormones – so much so that the human body almost recognizes them as something not to worry about. But these chemicals degrade the nervous system, especially the autonomic nervous system – which controls the organs, the breathing, the postural alignment of the bones, the way the body reacts to disease, to stress, etc. A little known fact is that the nervous system also maintains structural integrity. So if you fall, and twist your pelvis and spine -- it may take you 20 years of suffering before you can resolve it, if you have pesticides.  If not, it may only take a few good bodywork sessions or one good chiropractic session. In this sense salt baths can save you a lot of money. We need to use salt baths regularly to keep the "trash can" of the immune system relatively empty. M says the "trash can" is MOSTLY filled up with pesticides. M once said, "it is amazing that so FEW people, even in alternative medicine, understand this.”

AVOID NEW RUGS unless completely natural fiber. M says people have died from sleeping an unvented room with a new rug. M says that the rug manufacturers drench the run in pesticides and other extremely toxic chemicals. To avoid growth of fungus, mildew, etc. And keep bug infestation down.  M says the people who sell the rugs will NEVER tell you this. They may not know it. If you call the rug maker and you know the names of the exact chemicals they use, and you know who to ask for, and you convince them you ABSOLUTELY MEDICALLY NEED TO KNOW THE CHEMICALS THEY PUT N THE RUG, you have maybe a 50-50 chance they will tell you the truth. M says rugs are one of the greatest hidden health threats to the average American. 

So do a salt bath after an airline trip. Or staying in a motel or hotel. Or whenever you feel toxic. Especially, airplanes are very toxic. Sprayed often. Motels too. Those are the worst. Buses --not so bad since we don't stay too long in them.  All government, county, state, city buildings. Have pest control contracts, regularly sprayed. Many cities, counties, municipalities have regulations REQUIRING regular spraying of pesticides. The exception may or may not be schools, because kids are so sensitive.  M says "Don’t think you can move to Phoenix and be healthier. It is surrounded by farmland, all of it is sprayed, and it blows into the city. You can get very sick living in Phoenix. Don’t even THINK of living in farmland country. Everything is sprayed".

In Brazil, a friend tells me, they plant fruit trees in the midst of grain and other crops. To attract lots and lots of birds. These birds eat bugs. They don’t use pesticides down there, like we do here. Maybe someday American farmers will wake up and stop poisoning us.

If you are sensitive you can bite into an apple, say, and immediately know if it has been sprayed. Some say their skin begins to itch. There is a very subtle flavor of pesticides. Most of the time pesticides in non-organic (and often in organic) foods are systemic – throughout the plant. You don’t get it off by Just washing the fruit or vegetable or soaking the grain. So diet is a major source of pesticides. M says over and over -- EVERYBODY today should be doing salt baths. Nobody is "clean". 


Nothing else – except salt baths -- will get out pesticides – in M’s opinion.  Not Native American sweat lodges. There were no pesticides when that was invented  - is one way to understand it. Another point is that anyone on psychiatric medicine of any kind – will go basically crazy, maybe violent, during a sweat lodge ceremony. One person came at M with a knife.  So very many people, including kids, are taking such drugs today.  So sweat lodge ceremonies are very dangerous for them, and maybe for others. We all have lots of strange chemicals in our bodies and brains that were not there in past centuries. Salt baths are safe for all. To detox from psychiatric drugs is serious business, you absolutely need to work with the psychiatrist doing that.

Not sauna, not fasting. No other method will work like the salt bath. I personally  - can affirm one point here. I did an extended juice fast last year, and now am starting the salt baths, and I am a little surprised at what symptoms, changes etc I experience doing the baths. Like the fasting did not reach it at all hardly.

M often speaks of salt baths from the reference point of how it affects his healing work—with cancer patients, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, etc. His work is amazingly effective (I have witnessed it) and he often – or usually – recommends salt baths for his clients.  He says that is main thing people need to do to stay out of trouble with the body. It is also the main reason, he says, his work may not be effective. People who live or work in toxic environments, and refuse to take salt baths, he cannot help them. He even refuses to see them. 

One of my clients who has worked at a library for 20 years ("it is very toxic, sprayed regularly for years") says everyone there is sick and psychologically deranged, almost. One former worker there told her "it almost drove me crazy working there  -- something about that place makes you crazy".  She took one salt bath and at work the next day her co-workers commented on the difference in her appearance, there was so much improvement. To me she looked "clean to the bone", quite a remarkable difference from one bath, but of course, this person has been undergoing special diet, exercise and an herbal program for 3 years to lose weight.

M also says chlorine bleach is very toxic. Even smelling it as you do a laundry. Today, you can easily get non-chlorine bleach (hydrogen peroxide) at any health food store.  M also says you should throw out all chemicals from your house including cleaners, shampoos, perfumes, after shave, cosmetics, etc and replace them with natural products. Most health food stores carry such products.

Collected Addendums


Salt baths can be draining or exhausting physically. For a few hours or the rest of the day you feel sort of limp and drained.  That is the only major downside.  Water conditioner salt bags 50# at home Depot or OSH cost only about seven dollars. Water conditioner salt comes in solar dried crystals or pellets. You want the crystals; pellets never dissolve in a bath.  Three to four hour salt baths once or twice a week will kill warts. Even longstanding troublesome warts with deep roots, provided you minimize starches and sugars which feed warts. But, the scar for the wart will remain. The deep viral roots are killed by the salt baths, but you may need to have the actual wart burned off.  Muscle spasms are greatly released by long salt baths. If your neck or pelvis or other joints are painful, due to tension, salt baths give fairly long lasting relief.  Since warts are viral it appears salt baths help viral conditions  -- a surmise. Maybe it works for fungus too? Candida? Fungal toenails?  Probably it would work for these too. There are medical professionals who edit a newsletter called THE FUNGUS GAZETTE. These people believe cancer is a form of fungus. And if you look at it that way, any cancer is easy to cure.  So from that point of view, salt baths are useful to help resolve cancer. M in fact does recommend salt baths to his cancer patients. The worse the cancer, the more the salt baths are needed.

One half hour of salt bath is much better than nothing, and probably as good as 4 hours, if you do it fairly often.  Any time at all will give rich rewards. Try it, you'll see.



If you are concerned about pesticides in your home environment-- maybe your home was recently "tented" or previous tenants used "Raid" a lot-- you should check out an Aranizer machine or ozone generator or air ionizer – there is evidence that these machines can deactivate poison pesticides and herbicides My apartment was sprayed -- against my will -- with three batches of pesticides and I was getting sick living here for more than an hour or two. I bought the 300-dollar air cleaner from Sharper Image -- with electrostatic air cleaning and ozone and negative ions -- but the headaches, watery eyes, dizziness continued. By contrast, Aranizer (or their equivalent) machines never wear out, never need plate replacement or cleaning, and work as I said, 100 times better than an ozone generator. The company founder told me indeed the machine will totally deactivate any pesticides/insecticides/herbicides. If you spray for insects and then use the Aranizer, the pesticide won't work. It has all been oxidized.   And it is true my house is now livable again. Thank you Aranizer!


When taking salt baths, the poison leaves the skin and is absorbed into the salt water. Usually the face, however, is not in contact with the salt water – yet poison is being released from the skin of the face. During the day after a salt bath, or the next few days, one might feel uncomfortable, crawly skin feelings on the face – since the pesticides are there trying to come out, and they are just resting on the skin surface. This has been my experience. I am trying to lie sideways in the bathtub and get half the head in the water.

I am trying to find a way to absorb poison in the water so as I take a salt bath the poisons don’t just sit in the water there with me and the salt. My thoughts:

Onions: when cut absorb poisons and odors in a kitchen. This has been documented. Perhaps many or most other vegetables have the same ability? When covered with plastic they absorb plastic. I read an article about this – recommending to be sure not to use old, cut up onions since they always test very toxic. So I will be cutting up onions and garlic and herbs that grow nearby and even weeds, add water and blend in my Vita Mix, and add to the salt bath. The fiber from green smoothies (see absorbs huge amounts of toxins. I’ll try blended greens. I live in LA and water is fluoridated, and I am hoping some of these ideas help, also with the chlorine.

Clay: a tablespoon or two of unscented plain Clorox bleach, also absorbs poisons. Do these things in conjunction with a salt bath. 

But I don’t want to interfere with the magic of the salt baths, so I’ll try these ideas and see if I still get that nice “melt down relaxation” feeling and clear skin and mental clarity that I usually get from a long long salt bath.

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