"Trust is the biggest missing piece in the PD personality, and it shows up as over-working, over-thinking, ADD, cynicism, over-intellectualizing, vigilance, some level of paranoia, and a certain level of depression.” -SH

A discussion about Parkinsons Disease

I was asked to type a summary of my experience with Parkinson’s disease (PD) targeted for bodyworkers – suggestions about working with clients with PD. With some reluctance I agreed; it is so personal, and what works for me may not for others. There are different causes for Parkinson’s and what works for me may not work for you. But it is true that I bring 25 years Feldenkrais experience to the Parkinson’s arena, so maybe there will be some useful insights. So this will be as much a journal of my adventure with Parkinson’s as about sharing hints for other bodywork professionals. 

There are two types of Parkinson’s people; those on medication and those who are not taking nor have ever taken any medications for Parkinson’s. Everything here is intended only for those who are not taking medications, and have never done so. It would actually be dangerous and irresponsible to not take this into account as you see below.

As well there is a type of Parkinson’s that is caused entirely by chemical poisoning. There are stories of a single exposure to a strong pesticide can induce advanced and incurable Parkinson’s from a single heavy exposure. That’s serious brain damage, and probably that type of Parkinson’s is not going to be helped by any of the things discussed here. Here we are talking about the kind of PD where personality, shock and trauma, attitude and habits of thinking feeling and moving, along with a natural disposition to low dopamine, are the prime causes. Of course there are probably combinations of both things (I am sure that is the case for me).

How can you know if your PD (or your client’s PD) is caused by chemicals or whether there are other causes?  I had no way of knowing this, except to proceed with confidence on the responsible assumption that my lifestyle and attitudes and habits were at fault, and see if I get improvements. I have been getting great improvements. If I had believed the other way, I would have done nothing except wallow in my symptoms.  Of course you can introspect and see how much pesticide or herbicide exposure you have had. If you have lived in farm country, or even in a city like phoenix (where farmland is all around, and the poison spray blows into the city), or your landlord regularly sprayed your front yard for no good reason (as was my case for many years, I tried to stop it and only succeeded after years of trying) – you have had plenty of exposure!

Eating non-organic foods will give you exposure.  If you ride bike trails, and you see a pick-up truck come at you spraying the sides of the bike path, turn and ride your bike – fast – the other direction. That’s what I would always do. Do you hike or camp in National or State forests or parks or campgrounds? Do you know that these trails and campsites are regularly sprayed with herbicides and pesticides? Do you drive a car? Did you know the sides of most freeways and other roads are regularly sprayed?  You can get lots of exposure just camping out in a National forest. Do you ride taxis or stay in hotels or motels? They are all sprayed regularly. Do you fly on airlines? That’s by way of saying that you can get plenty of exposure in unexpected places! But nonetheless I have faith that the brain can heal from such damage, if we switch to organic foods, take other reasonable precautions, and learn to detox herbicides and pesticides from the body. There are ways to do this and I am convinced salt baths or ocean swimming is the best way, followed by hot sauna detox protocols using niacin to help the process of detox (you Google these things). Also on my website I have a posting about salt baths you may find useful. 

But I suspect nonetheless the residual tremoring I find so difficult to stop, may be related to actual brain damage from herbicide/pesticide exposure, from living so long in Los Angeles. And for that I continue to take brain herbs and supplements, including Kapicachu and L-Tyrosine (especially since Gian Girardi, of Brain Optimization Institute has repeatedly told me that I need regular L-Tyrosine and in many cases L-Tyrosine can completely reverse all PD symptoms, not just manage symptoms temporarily. So I am trusting his experience on this one, and although I have not yet found complete relief from all tremoring, each month that goal is becoming closer.   



This is basically an update for my friends and former clients about my own experiences with Parkinson’s and why I have left Los Angeles, closed my Feldenkrais Practice and moved to live in India. I have no medical training to treat Parkinson’s and you should not trust a word you read here, if you are looking for self-treatment ideas. If you do anything you see here it is at your own risk; especially if you are taking PD medications you must work with your MD on any alternative approaches. None of this is really meant as advice for anyone else. But these are things I wish I had known ten years ago. Having PD symptoms has given me a good education about what works and what does not!

Please, again, if you have Parkinson’s don’t use any of these ideas without getting your doctor’s permission. It can be very dangerous otherwise. It’s no joke.

If you are interested in following a similar path, read ALL the eBooks from and follow all the cautions that are given in that material. Primary caution: if you are taking PD medications, you must work with your doctor, and MUST NOT engage in alternative therapies as enumerated here unless and until they have fully gotten off of PD meds, and have the approval of their MD to try other methods. 

As Dr. Walton-Hadlock says in her free eBooks on the website, the reason you MUST NOT engage in such alternative approaches (as listed here, ESPECIALLY foot holding or other healing work to open the stomach meridian flow) if you are taking medication for Parkinson’s, is that sudden DEATH can be the result. This is explained fully in her eBooks. It has to do with the medication no longer being buffered by an active foot injury and extreme pain (or other injury); unopposed, the high medication doses can disrupt the circuitry of the brain, resulting in death. If you choose the medication route, these ideas are off limits for you, for good. 

To make a long story short, I am a retired Feldenkrais Practitioner. I have had an active practice in LA for the past 25 years. My website is and also I have a YouTube Channel (just type Steve Hamlin, Feldenkrais). I recognize in retrospect (knowing what I do now) that I probably would not have gotten PD if I had been more diligent about actually embodying the principles behind the Feldenkrais Method; but alas, many months or years could go by, without me doing a single ATM (Awareness Through Movement® Lesson) preferring instead to spend extra time in meditation and spiritual practice, and of course maintaining my private practice. It’s too much to explain here, but ATM would have guided my nervous system clear of PD, that is very clear to me. If you read the eBooks on, you may also get a sense of how this could be so. Feldenkrais ATM has the power to enliven the creative, adaptive inner sense as to how to stay healthy, comfortable and on track in our various life pursuits.  It is not just about good movement and posture and pain relief! And in this and other ways, ATM offers certain benefits that cannot be had from meditation alone. For many years I did not believe this; now, however, I have changed my mind. To elaborate all my ideas behind this would be many pages. Just a few hints that come to mind:

·      ATM is working with the entire brain, in gravity and with mindful movement. I know of no meditation process that can say this. The brain is designed for that. The brain may never really learn to be quiet until we refine that process sufficiently with ATM.  If we bring into meditation an unquiet brain that is not able to fully be quiet (meaning good body organization in gravity and movement) that meditation will be less than optimal.

·      ATM has many pauses, which are short. This teaches us how to rest fully, in a very short time, even while being fully ready to resume (in a heartbeat) what we were just doing. This is wonderful training to meet the stress of life with grace and poise. By taking many such breaks in ATM we have many fresh starts, and we build a habit of learning with fresh starts and enthusiasm, instead of dogmatic will power only, vigilance and over-effort (no spontaneity) which is so typical of the PD personality. .

·      ATM reconnects our frayed and scattered body functions, breath, balance, gesture, emotions, sociability, intuition, vision, movement, etc., more to like it has been for most of our ancestors. Modern life today has taken most of us so far away from what is natural; a thorough, culturally specific method is urgently needed to restore natural function. It is not just about vision, or breathing, or head forward posture or body tension, it is all those things and much more. Yes Tai Chi and Yoga etc. are wonderful, but they come from ancient times when the earth was clean, stress was less, and people has better movement and posture and less disease and troubles (such as we get in modern culture).  Those ancient practices (including meditation) are not designed to restore normalcy when we have gotten so FAR off track. Feldenkrais IS and I repeat IS designed for that, it is like a large semi-tow truck with a winch to pull your car out of a deep ravine. A few horses with harnesses won’t help you there. In my practice so many times I clearly saw that people doing those things were missing some very basic pieces that ATM would have provided.

I am now doing like Ruthy Alon mentioned in the first week of her Italian Feldenkrais Training in Florence, Italy many years ago. She asked the group “How many ATM Lessons per week do you think I was doing when I was studying with Moshe?”  Nobody in the room had the correct number. People were guessing 5, 9, 10 or perhaps 3 per week. Finally, Ruthy said, in her inimitable fashion:

“ONE, JUST ONE, ONE PER WEEK THAT IS ALL.”  But she made a strong point also, that she spent 15 to 20 minutes every day for the rest of the week, reviewing, practicing the highlights, remembering, implementing etc. that one ATM.


So now I have ATM on my weekly schedule and when it comes up I am not going to let anything interfere. I have to schedule it early in the morning, since with my sleep apnea later in the day I get too sleepy. I just remind myself that I can have no possible excuse, as a Feldenkrais Practitioner, to not do one ATM per week. Like most practitioners, I have an audio library of many hundreds of ATM lessons.  

PD came into my life like a thunderbolt. I could not hide it. It was humiliating. I was a healer. What would my client think? My ego was shattered. My Feldenkrais practice was no longer possible - not because I could not do the work, but because doing the work would exhaust me beyond my ability to recover easily.  Something about Parkinson’s creates fatigue in me.

About 3 years ago, trembling and balance and loss of taste and smell were all getting worse, and I suspected (but was not diagnosed yet) I had Parkinson’s. Then I made the huge mistake of thinking that full-on hot Bikram Yoga (as I have done for years) every day would cure me. Within a month of doing that the Parkinson’s symptoms were MUCH worse, alarmingly so, and I stopped the Bikram. Later, my acupuncturist told me that hot yoga, such as Bikram, would be one of the worst things to do if one has Parkinson’s. I still don’t quite understand why that would be so (but I am sure many of my readers know why). Bikram Yoga has many virtues, but curing Parkinson’s is not one of them, at least not for me.

At that point I researched amongst my circle of acquaintances, those few who had PD and were maintaining a stable lifestyle for many years, without medications. I called them up and asked them what are you doing? And basically they all told me the same thing. They were getting regular acupuncture treatments. Perhaps they’d have some months of acupuncture and then some months rest. Then they’d repeat the process. They were taking Chinese herbs or at least western supplements for the brain. They were doing Tai Chi or some kind of movement-energy work faithfully a half an hour a day or so. That was the main thing that helped them. They minimized sugar and junk food and wheat, and ate more raw food than before. They took measures to minimize stress. They rested more. There were not so ambitions to accomplish things. So I started doing those things and I got fairly good results; the dramatic progression in symptoms slowed down to a crawl. But still there was progression. I somehow knew I had to get out of LA. So I made plans to stay in India for 18 months.

Symptoms did not really stabilize until after I was out of Los Angeles, and settled in India for six month. The first 6 months were not good. While I was drinking coconut water as directed, and resting at lot, and doing many other things (as you will see from the long list later in this document), symptoms were progressing alarmingly. I often would tremble all night, even while sleeping and wake up with a tremendously painful right forearm and wrist and fingers. Sometimes the left side and the whole body would tremble as well. I lost grip strength to open bottles – hard for my ego, since usually I am the person with the strongest grip in the room. After about 6 months in India, a friend gave me a printout of a free eBook from the website The lady, a retired Physical Therapist from Ireland, who gave me the book told me “You MUST read this. It is the best information out there on how to actually HEAL Parkinson’s.” Well I did read it, eventually, and the other free eBooks there as well, and even consulted by email with Dr. Janice Walton-Hadlock, who created the website. But I was resistant at first to reading this book. Maybe stubborn is a better word.


Anyone who has Parkinson’s and “gone public” with it, as I have, will understand why we will tend to ignore anyone who gives us any kind of advice about curing Parkinson’s. Everyone wants to help. Everyone sees information about curing Parkinson’s. It does not matter whether it is a book, a website, an exotic Tibetan herb, a handout or a vitamin bottle, or an exciting podcast of an MD curing PD. We get TOO MANY PEOPLE giving us TOO MUCH STUFF AND INFORMATION!!!. And each of them thinks THEY have the real, true cure for Parkinson’s. All we can do it put all that aside and follow our chosen path. Plus, the fact that so many new ideas and treatment plans and drugs etc. for Parkinson’s are continually surfacing seems to me just an indication that nobody really knows the true picture, what really works. Otherwise there would not be this continual flood of a broad spectrum of information and products. The only reason I read this eBook was that my friend was extremely insistent, and after six weeks (when I still had not read it) she became even more insistent, and I felt so guilty that I had no choice but to relent and actually read it, since after all I had had the book in my possession with the understanding I was going to read it, so guilt made me read it. It was the best thing I could have done. Guilt sometimes does serve a purpose.

Reading that book, while starting to move my life in the direction indicated, and consulting by email with Dr. Janice Walton-Hadlock marked the turning point in the progression of the PD. Instead of getting slowly worse, it stabilized. It has slowly been getting better (now that it is one year since reading her eBooks). As I type this – or when I am doing any work with deliberation there is no trembling or other PD symptoms. When I sleep there is no trembling. My sleep apnea is moderated but I still have to take measures to keep that under control (elevate head of bed, do Myo-Functional Exercises regularly, do Buteyko Breathing practice regularly, keeping my “MCP-Morning Control Pause” at 25 or above best I can.). I often go all day no trembling. I notice, as well, that when I do tremble, it is more like a nervous habit – which I can stop easily – rather than out of control.

Now, when I see a professional health care person – a nurse or Chiropractor or D.O. they all tell me I have a very mild case of PD, and late onset, and that my chances of completely curing the disease are very good. Or a friend may tell me that I have a suspiciously mild case of PD, it does not look like “real Parkinson’s”.  I smile inside and say to myself  “Yes, but you don’t know how many months and hundreds of hours I have worked, and prayed, and used all my resources. I gave up all my ties to Los Angeles, and moved to India just to devote full time to healing my PD.”  Some medically oriented friends will disbelieve that I ever really had PD and that “really, you probably just have a minor essential tremor” it cannot be traditional PD, which is (by definition) progressive and incurable. None of these people would tell me those things if they had seen me during my worst months.

How do I know I am on a true healing path for Parkinson’s? If Parkinson’s were like a painful splinter in my hand, I would not much appreciate healing lotions, massage, intelligent touch, energy work, psychological interventions, therapy, soaking the hand in salt water, etc. But when I feel the splinter being pulled out, even while that may be painful, there is tremendous relief.  It is the same thing with all the many things people claim will cure Parkinson’s. I try them out, I see what insights I get from the Silence of meditation, and overall there is no comparison to the feelings I get when I am doing what works (more on that later). There is a particular feeling I get when I am wasting time or going around in circles. I learned this while working with clients on the table; when I get that feeling, I stop and do something very different. It is how I have been effective.

I had never taken any Parkinson’s medications, and never intend to do so, I did read all the free eBooks on several times through, and therefore I did have a green light to go ahead with the alternative approach as outlined there. Again, if you or your client is on medications, this information is not for you. Read the free eBooks, and you will understand why.  As Dr. Janice (as I call her) says, her program is only for those who have never taken medications (or has taken them for less than 3 months and is not full off the medications), and who can read and understand all her free eBooks, and can do the required work with little assistance.  That means early PD with mild symptoms, no medications.

So I am going to assume you too have read those books; I don’t have any desire to recapitulate all that she is saying there (it is a lot to digest and besides she is a more fluent writer than am I), but I’ll share my experience and my unique insights about the process. Some of what you read here won’t make any full logical sense until you read the free eBooks. Again, if you have not done that I’d gently suggest that you stop here and read her eBooks first. They are free at

If I had a time machine, and could give my Feldenkrais friends and other helpers advice about how to help Steve, 3 or 4 years ago when symptoms were just getting started (with a vengeance), here is the letter I would send them:


·      Build trust, just like with any other client. Trust is the biggest missing piece in the PD personality, and it shows up as over-working, over-thinking, ADD, cynicism, over-intellectualizing, vigilance, some level of paranoia, a certain level of depression. This is a fair description of my underlying personality for many years.

·      Emphasize the long term effects of bodywork are what is needed – regular sessions, twice a week or more.  It’s not all about fixing posture or pain. It is about healing a deep, chronic, lifetime collection of bad habits related to thinking, feeling, moving, breathing and knowing.  

·      It’s learning to trust the breath and the body in simplicity with a quiet mind, not just on the table getting a session but throughout each day

·      It’s about healing deep shock and/or trauma, physical, emotional or spiritual

·      It’s about learning to feel safe without being in control of a session - surrender

·      It’s about learning to surrender weight fully and spontaneously like a young child sleeping. As Ruthy Alon (a senior Feldenkrais Trainer and founder of Bones for Life) once said in Feldenkrais Training: “Our ability to surrender weight fully in gravity is exactly corresponding to our ability to receive Love”.  Babies do this very nicely, and you see them sleeping with arms and legs and head in all kinds of positions – full surrender! Babies soak up the love given by parents and others. As the baby grows up, and no longer is so supple to relax in gravity, the same ability to receive love is not there.  

·      As a practitioner you need to know that you will be ineffective, wasting your time with any PD client, especially Steve, unless you make him feel safe. Safety is the issue. That means gentle touch. Less movement and manipulation. Simple resting touch as much as possible would be ideal. When you try to fix, heal, correct, move, align or whatever, you communicate that something is wrong, and needs to be fixed.  I did not used to believe this, but now that I have experienced the power of primal foot holding for so many months (there is no agenda there), I do believe. Evaluate what you are doing each moment with the question: “Am I giving this client a deep and restful feeling of safety?” Safety comes from sensing that a person is accepted as they are, with no agenda to correct or fix anything, and that you are allowing his/her body ample space to make its own corrections.

·      About ten years ago I fell asleep driving late at night. I woke up to a shaking car, with my hands on the wheel. Up until that point waking up and sleeping was a pleasant experience for me. But since then, sleep is a dangerous place – I may wake up ready to die at the wheel of an out-of-control car! So there is this vigilance or “guardedness” or wariness of allowing myself to rest and fall asleep. Of course it is mostly unconscious. I am convinced this was one reason I got PD. So if you assume other PD clients have similar experiences, you’d have to ask yourself, how would I go about resolving that kind of issue? It lives hidden deep in the subconscious and the personality has so well adapted to the situation, it would take a calm heart of deep and compassionate understanding to envision what kind of healing path would address such an issue.

·      A practitioner working with A PD client needs a patient, gentle, but tough-minded and proactive intervention mind set, where you relentlessly point out, and offer opportunities for change, when you see them over-controlling, not feeling safe, being intellectually vigilant, not feeling their heart energy, not listening, and trying to distract you (it is unconscious on their part) when you are getting to the heart an issue. The PD client will have 10,000 strategies to protect his/her vigilant/unsafe way of being in the world like that. You have no prayer to help him/her unless you can stand up and call a spade a spade, with a backbone behind your words, while also using during your sessions your hands and spirit to guide them to another way of being, when these games are being played in your presence. In my adventure with PD, the turning points always came when someone using intervention, even military style language, gave me a “course correction”.  The thing to remember is that the person is playing a game, they ARE already safe, and they are just pretending or “remembering” to be unsafe, and all the power to heal and be safe is already within them, and you need to help them find and trust that place. It is not that you have to do some kind of magic healing trauma relief work on them. No. You need to find a way to guide them back home.

·      Learn, discover and USE your ability to sense energy flows. Dr. Walton-Hadlock claims ANYONE can learn this with proper instruction. She gives clear step-by-step instructions as to how to learn this skill. If you are a veteran bodyworker, you certainly already have this skill, and all you need to add is an understanding of the meridian channels and how they influence PD.  You will find nice charts of the acupuncture meridian flows (as taught by Dr. Janice Walton-Hadlock in her free eBooks on You should be able to determine whether the stomach meridian on the affected side is indeed reversed or stagnant, and where are the blockages. Then you work there with primal holding, just rest the hands there for prolonged periods of time. If some bodyworker had shown me this four years ago, and pointed out the causes and cures, it would certainly have moderated or eliminated my Parkinson’s.

·      Learn all about primal holding (she calls it Yin Tui Na) in its pure and ancient simplicity – as described in, she has an entire book about this – is indeed the best way to heal old forgotten injuries, and restore normal energy flow and consciousness to the body part. I did not believe this at first, until I have experienced (many times) authentic trauma-shuddering with foot holding, and return of acute foot pain and an old hip/groin injury on the right side (along with dramatic and prolonged reduction or elimination of PD symptoms) which never happened with any kind of chiropractic or Feldenkrais or OB work or fasting or yoga. The quiet un-ostentatious foot holding (or deep and sincere prayer where I can really go “deep”) is the only thing that will coax my stomach meridian to restore normal energy flow to the area. When it does, the pain is nearly unbearable, a sure sign that the healing can then begin, since I am no longer playing dead in that area  (withdrawal of stomach meridian). This has been hard to swallow for me, a Feldenkrais Practitioner with an ego. I’d like to think all my training and years of experience has brought me to a higher level than others with no training. To discover that anyone, young or old, talented or not, sick or well, can learn and do primal holding – the most supremely healing hands-on technique – is indeed humbling. It can be taught in 30 seconds: “Just rest your hands on the foot. Don’t try to heal or send energy or fix anything. Just be there. Try to keep your mind on something else, preferably something calm and happy and uplifting.”

·      In my case the foot injury seems to be neurological damage. It appears I had an underlying condition of peripheral neuropathy, and when I stubbed my toes so violently, not only was it extra painful, but also extraordinarily slow to heal. This may not be true for others. This came from years of addiction to gluten, sugar and running and training for marathons, while being vegan or vegetarian (lack B vitamins). I also have had a predilection for fried foods (mainly popcorn at night, roasted mixed nuts and cashews, French fries and corn chips). Also I loved baked main dishes, which is also another way to get too much over-heated oils in the body. So I was lacking healthy oils for nerve sheaths. Here in India at one holistic medical clinic, blood tests have shown that I am severely deficient in B vitamins, zinc, B-12, Vitamin D, EFA and magnesium. So I am addressing this with IV drips and supplements, knowing that unless I do so, peripheral neuropathy may never heal. While it may seem that I am doing self-treatment for my own Parkinson’s, it is not quite that way. I am getting lots of professional and skilled input and feedback; it is just that I am scrupulously avoiding the traditional medical diagnosis and medication-treatment for classic Parkinson’s.

·      So again, my fragile nerve situation in my feet no doubt came from a lifetime of pavement pounding while running, bad oils, lack of B-vitamins (due to sugar and being vegan or vegetarian) and a lifetime of too much blood sugar (although I never got diabetes – I was probably exercising too much for that). This may be instructive for other’s foot issues. Of course, everyone has a little different history of injury to the foot or wherever that is causing the stomach meridian to reverse on the affected side. I am just pointing out my own particular situation, I am not trying to say anyone else will be like this. But Dr. Janice does say that 95% of PD patients DO have a serious foot injury on the affected side.

·      The one health practitioner I trust the most (she’s never been wrong, when I look back over the years at her advice) is a QRA (Quantum Resonance Analyst) Practitioner who confirmed that my stomach meridian on the right side was in reluctance or reversal mode, and that my foot injury was neurological with frayed nerves in the three middle toes. She mentioned that a prime issue has been my lifetime of eating sweets, which sets up the nerves in the feet to be rather fragile (combined with bad oils in the diet) at my age (about 70). She’s also recommending liver flushing over a two years period and coffee enemas weekly. She is extremely insistent that I must eat zero fried food, never again even a mouthful, and ingest plenty of good oils to allow the nerve sheaths to heal (not be frayed).

·      As a practitioner working with PD I’d get smarter about healing foot injuries, particularly peripheral neuropathy, and especially old untreated injuries that have been forgotten. What is helping me now is clay packs on the feet, MSM lotion and powder, foot baths, salt baths, zinc and B-Vitamins and regular application of small amounts of castor oil and geranium essential oil to the foot (plus the dietary changes mentioned above).  I am sure other essential oils would be helpful. The pain level can still be way beyond comfort zone (during foot holding when stomach meridian goes in normal flow), but it is slowly coming within normal limits. It is a continual surprise to me how much pain can be evoked in the right foot from quiet, passive, “innocent” foot holding! It is a confirmation that I am on the right track.  


For those of my friends and clients who want more of my history and specifics as to what has been going on with Steve…

About 3 years ago (about mid 2011) I started to get noticeable tremors in the right hand. Before that I had off-and-on episodes of losing my sense of taste and smell. I had looked this up and just thought I was short of zinc. Supplementing with zinc did not help. I had a growing problem with sleep apnea and was continually working to moderate my head-forward posture. That was a little embarrassing since as a veteran Feldenkrais Practitioner I thought I should not have such an issue. As well, cognition and balance had become off and on issues as well. Getting up out of a chair I might fall over if I were not vigilant. I did not put all this together as symptoms of Parkinson’s at first. After some weeks doing hot Bikram Yoga, full-on, my symptoms got so much worse I decided to see an acupuncturist I trusted (A Dr. Weng of San Diego County) for evaluation and treatment.

I saw her for about 6 months with two or three times a week  “front and back sessions” along with herbs for the kidneys. This diminished tremors but did not cure me. She had told me

“Yes you do have PD. Yes, in Allopathic Medicine it is considered progressive and incurable, but in TCM it is considered curable. Don’t worry. You have a light case and late onset (late in life; yes go live in India, drink 2 coconut waters a day, do not be too social, meditate more, gather your energy inside, be quiet more,  you won’t have PD, it will not be an issue, you will see. In your case, as in all cases of PD, it is related to weak kidneys, the right kidney in your case.” And she worked with me also with some trauma resolution and family emotional issues.

Well I did go to live in India (and here I am 20 months and running) and yet I still have PD symptoms. For many months, before I found out about foot holding, it was like walking on the edge of a precipice. I felt like if I slacked off my PD prevention protocols, I would be too far-gone, over the precipice, for any kind of alternative approach. Nothing really worked reliably, until I tried foot holding.

Knowing what I do now, I consider acupuncture and Chinese kidney herbs useful, as it helped me function and gave me enough “recovery” to pursue my own healing path. But I now know the real work is in restoring normal stomach meridian flow, which causes the low dopamine in the first place (this I have learned from and also I can feel the reversal of stomach meridian flow on right side with my hands).

While I use Kapicachu, Jatamansi, Brahmi (Ayurvedic herbs for dopamine and the brain) and L-Tyrosine or other brain herbs and vitamins, I don’t yet fully consider them curative, as some have told me. They do take away all tremors for hours when that are especially needed.  I can’t help but consider them a bit dangerous, since if I over-depend on them, it can blunt my intuition, regarding the real work that has to be done (this was advice from my QRA practitioner, and her words, I have learned over the years, are the gold standard).  Foot holding, feeling safe, shock and trauma healing, dancing with abandon, sincere spiritual work and prayer and surrender, and energy work (Tai Chi, Chi Gung, Jin Shin Tara, etc.) to my way of thinking IS curative.  Nothing else is. For more on this, go to and browse the free eBooks. In those books you will learn about:


·      Foot holding, why it works, how to do it, and why it is more effective than all other kinds of bodywork approaches. It’s extreme simplicity can be puzzling unless one reads her material about it, and experiences it for themselves (as I have now done for 9 months or so)

·      Why foot holding is essential if you want to cure PD

·      Channel Flow

·      The role of trauma

·      What is the Parkinson’s personality and why it creates PD

·      Why a serious foot injury is extremely common to people with PD

·      The different types of PD

·      Why PD is very common in spiritual communities (Pope John Paul II and St Claire both had PD etc.)

·      Who can be helped with her methods and who cannot and why

·      Why many or most people with PD have not a clue that there is a serious foot injury. I am a case in point.

·      The real reason dopamine is an issue. Hint: it is not a brain issue mainly, as most think. Instead it is about the reversal of the stomach meridian on the affected side, which interferes with the Large Intestine Meridian which interferes with brain production of dopamine (predictably)

·      The spiritual aspect, what needs to happen and why

·      How to teach yourself to sense and feel the direction of channel flows (Acupuncture Meridians that we all have). Probably any OB Practitioner could learn this in 90 seconds or less, on the first try (some of her students take months to learn this skill)

·      What happens when a person starts taking the allopathic medicine, why it is addictive and can cause death if alternative approaches are used simultaneously

·      Why she refuses to treat any PD person if they have been on medicine for more than 3 weeks; in any event they have to start coming off if they want to work with her ideas. It turns out people die if they are on high doses of meds, and they start to do the alternative approach she recommends; the foot injury was buffering the medication and when the buffer it gone, brain circuits are overwhelmed with the excess medication and people often die due to that.

·      The evidence she has collected to confirm that everyone with PD (unless of chemical poisoning type, which has actually damaged the dopamine producing areas of the brain – this kind of PD is a completely different issue) has a reversal or stagnant flow of the stomach meridian on the affected side. She can take her students, trained to sense the direction of channel flow, and get 100% accuracy in picking out who has PD and who does not, without a single error, 100% of the time. As she points out, this is very scientific and reproducible.


No, an MD/Neurologist has NOT diagnosed me. My only diagnosis was from the Acupuncturist. This was by design. I was sure I’d take it to heart, if an experienced neurologist told me I had classical PD. I know how persuasive MDs and nurses, especially in the neurological arena, can be, and I have wisely decided to stay clear. I’d be discouraged and believe his prognosis. I decided it is better just not to go there. I know for sure that when the PD is gone from my life, most everyone will say “you never had it” and “by definition, you could not have had PD” and that will be a very small price to pay.

Dr. Janice (as I call her) from, after I read the website, gave me extensive email consultation/advice. After reading about my history and symptoms she told me (numerous times and she had to tell me this finally in a very tough-minded way since I was not doing it):

“You have a VERY serious right foot injury. You need foot holding, one hour per day, several times a week, for perhaps months. You need to give up your pride about asking people to help you with this. Ask! Ask!  For help.  Your reluctance to ask is the same ego that is preventing you from healing Parkinson’s. You must stop trying to hide the PD and tremors –instead be grateful. It is a wonderful gift. Everyone who actually heals or cures PD – APPRECIATES their PD, they even celebrate it and let anyone and everyone see it -- people who do that get cured much quicker.” Thank God many times a day that he sent you PD to teach you lessons you could learn in no other way. It is a marking point, a turning point, in the evolution of your soul; you will gain maturity from this you can get in no other way. (I am paraphrasing Dr. Janice here).

But I responded (at least in my own mind) that “I am a Feldenkrais Practitioner, I do yoga, I meditate, and see many clients, and I am sensitive to energy. HOW can it be possible that I have a serious right foot injury?  There is NO PAIN there. I can walk and run and wear shoes and do yoga with NO PAIN OR TROUBLE in the right foot. There are no bones out of place. There are no disfigured toes. There is no noticeable bruising or swelling or any other kind of pathology.”

And at the same time I did take her advice to heart about not hiding the PD tremors. I let everyone see them and I try my best to find reasons to be happy and appreciative that PD has come in my life to teach me what I need to learn. My ego did not like this, not at all.

Her response (and I paraphrase best I can from memory):

“You are going to have trust me on this. I am telling you based on 20 years experience working with PD and curing hundreds of people, that you have a SERIOUS right foot injury and you need to get foot holding.”

I still do not know how she knew I had a serious foot injury.  

Well, living as I did, in an ashram in south India, men and women are a bit segregated or separated when it comes to massage and bodywork, or something like foot holding. I could only find one old fellow, a little hunched man with great humility, who held my foot for free 45 minutes twice a week for 3 months. It just felt really relaxing and nice, and I did notice that my symptoms did not get worse during that time. If we skipped a week my symptoms got noticeably worse. This was instructive.

When I first came to India, after the 6 months of acupuncture treatment, my symptoms were progressing alarmingly fast; I was desperate and in a little panic, since looking at the future, with progressive and incurable PD is not a happy picture. Depressing. Even suicidal thoughts. Humiliating. Debilitating. Tremendous pain in right arm and wrist, and loss of grip strength and handwriting become almost unreadable.  It was not until the foot holding that I started to calm down all that.

During those three months I was still not fully convinced the foot holding was actually going to cure the PD. I knew it helped, though.

Finally this fellow got tired of holding my foot for two hours a week, or maybe he thought I was just indulging myself, and he longer showed up for foot holding. Then I felt stranded, and was getting worse, until I decided to ask one of the Ayurvedic MD’s in the ashram (who would prescribe Panchakarma protocols to people) if she could help, I explained why foot holding was necessary for me to treat my PD. I printed out and gave her all the downloaded books (free books) from She agreed to read them. She prescribed foot holding for me, and for a very nominal fee, I then began to have two of the Ayurvedic Panchakarma workers hold my foot 5 or more times a week.

At first I just noticed that it felt good and I really relaxed on the table while the foot was being held (both feet, actually since the two of them always worked together).

It took about 4 months of that – with my PD symptoms staying mild and hardly noticeable – that I finally started to authentically shudder and shake on the table during foot holding. Along with this, tremendous pain came into the foot. It was like I had just stubbed my toes again. All that excruciating pain CAME BACK and how was that possible? It confounded my understanding. But as Dr. Janice says in her free downloadable books, “when the stomach meridian is reversed (as in shock and trauma, where it is a normal and even healthy response under appropriate circumstances) the foot pain will go away, and the healing of the injury will be put on hold, until such time the stomach meridian is coaxed to return to the foot in normal downward flow. It has been exactly that way for me, so I can no longer disbelieve.

The pertinent history here is that, numerous times, some months or years before I got PD I would awaken at 2 AM or so and stumble into the bathroom while violently (almost) stubbing my right foot toes on the wooden stools I use in my bodywork practice. The pain would be unbearable. I remember swearing and crying to God, and then thinking: “It is 2 AM. I need to go back to sleep, and this pain has to STOP.” So I somehow made it STOP, just like that.

I did not then realize, of course, that nearly all people with PD have a similar experience or ability and it is just the result of playing dead while reversing the stomach meridian. It does NOT mean a person is a great yogi or has mental powers to stop pain. No, it is playing dead.

So when (during foot holding) I would have 10 seconds of more of spontaneous shuddering (as wild animals do in trauma release) all my PD symptoms would go into remission for maybe 3 or 4 days. It took FOUR MONTHS of daily foot holding to get to this point. But as soon as I became aware of the shuddering, my mind would look at it, and say – OH so THIS is what has to happen? OK maybe I can do this” and of course this would immediately shut down the tremoring; it has to be spontaneous or it is worth very little. So now I keep trying to find that switch or ability in myself to authentically just let the tremoring happen without interference. I have not yet succeeded; as soon as I become fully aware and interested in observing the shuddering, it will stop. There is still too much self-consciousness in me, and not enough self-abandonment. At least I can see this.

Mainly because of this elimination of symptoms when I shudder with foot holding, I now believe I have a found my path to curing my PD. I know this works. I know that foot holding and learning to trust, to flow with life and God and energy, to be open about having PD never hiding it, reducing intellectual vigilance and activity replacing it with talking to God or the silence of meditation. Trauma release in any form helps. Jin Shin Tara helps (Stephanie Mine’s book “We Are All in Shock” has been a great resource). Acupressure of other types helps. Those things help a lot but the foot holding and learning to trust life is what really WORKS.

I have been into alternative health for decades, and as a practitioner (Feldenkrais) with a busy practice for 25 years I have gathered many natural healing ideas. So there has been no lack of ideas for me to try out for myself. It got overwhelming! I was spending 6 hours a day treating myself. Now that I know what really works I spend much less time and get better results. What were some of the things I was doing? Some of these things are considered a complete cure by some people.  It is a long list, and you can see how this would drive a person up the wall, trying to do it all, as I was doing (with some success if you can believe that). I have put an “*” after those things which I am still doing since they help so much.


·      Six Healing Sounds – Mantac Chia

·      Tai Chi

·      Buteyko Breathing work*

·      One or two tablespoons of coconut oil a day*

·      Aerobic exercise

·      Maringa Leaf powder or extract (some teach this will cure PD)

·      Kapicachu and Jatamansi (two Ayurvedic herbs to enhance dopamine)

·      Any kind of new or old dietary, herbal, or other strategy to enhance dopamine in the brain

·      Nerve stretching for the hands and feet (You can Google this, or see videos on YouTube). *

·      Dancing* alone, and with total abandon (I do this alone, in the dark to music I love. Someday maybe I could go public but I doubt this)*

·      Cranial osteopathy and self-cranial work or other cranial work

·      Inversion postures for the brain and other simple yoga postures*

·      Introspection and Journaling from the book FEEING GOOD, to correct harmful thought patterns that perpetuate shock, trauma and feelings of paranoia.

·      Salt Baths

·      Juice Fasting

·      Water Fasting with eyes closed for 12 days (there is actually a website that recommends this as a cure for PD)

·      Rife Machine (GB-4000)

·      Meditation*

·      Affirmations

·      Targeted protocols to detox from herbicides and pesticides including niacin flushes with hot sauna sessions, salt baths of 2 and 3 and 4 hours (I have taken dozens of these), The Detox-Box diet (only a doctor can prescribe this), regular use of organic produce as much as possible, and Willard’s Water which has the power to dissolve organic toxic build up in the body (my opinion).

·      Avoidance (as much as possible) of exposure to herbicides and pesticides. * There is an undeniable link to PD with these poisons. Just Google “Herbicides and the Brain” or “Pesticides and the Brain” and you get about a million hits giving all kinds of credible evidence that these chemicals cause or contribute to brain disease, including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. I suspect many landlords and apartment or building managers who have contracts with pest control companies for regular spraying, are told “these chemicals are harmless” and I myself was told this on the phone by my landlord. All I can say is that the evidence is overwhelming that this is not true, and I can only say (to myself) “You are being lied to. If you had more integrity and courage and intelligence you’d do your own research on this point. It is convenient and also cowardly for you to just believe what they tell you.”  It is one of the main reasons I left LA; there is poison spraying happening everywhere. That includes all public buildings, all condos and apartments and gardens and hiking trails even in Griffith Park, and biking trails and highways and campsites, and motels and hotels and trains and planes and taxis and more. And they are sneaky. Much of the spraying is done at night when nobody will notice. Here in India I see many healthy and quick moving insects; this is a joy to see, since in LA there are mostly NO insects and what there are, are sickly. I see honeybees dying everywhere on the ground in LA. I do not see that here in India. Not yet, at least.

·      Finger mudras (some mudras claim to cure Parkinson’s)

·      Minimize exposure to EMF. *Again I had to get out of LA to avoid smart meters, cell towers everywhere, cell phones everywhere, TV and Radio antennas, etc. I have gotten very sick just being in the home of a friend with a smart meter. I feel waves of nausea and dizziness just driving through areas of Orange County, which has been thoroughly drenched in Smart Meter Grid EMF saturation for some years. I am sensitive to EMF and this may be a reason I got PD, for all I know. So while India does have cell phones and polluting and cell towers (and more every year), I am near the ocean, and the EMF pollution here is about 5% of what it is in LA, I would guess, based on how much more quiet and happy my brain feels here, compared to LA and surrounding areas. In LA my brain feels overheated.

·      Listening to Solfeggio Healing Music or other types healing music

·      Learning to sing, singing in public, practicing singing (it is a great tool for me to learn to be less self-conscious and have more self-abandonment to the music). *

·      Myo-Functional Therapy. * You can Google this. It is a way to cure or moderate sleep apnea (combined with the Buteyko Method), restore crooked teeth without braces, and reshape the skull to be more rounded not so elongated top to bottom. There is some evidence that cranial dysfunction is related to PD and I still place a high priority on this work, including taping my lips before going to bed (otherwise I not only snore but I have forward and down tongue thrust, meaning I over-breathe and create a more elongated skull, NOT what I need)

·      More raw foods along with elimination or reduction of gluten and soy and sugar and fried foods from the diet*

·      Inclusion of good oils, meaning ground flax, coconut oil, EFA oil, soaked raw organic nuts and seeds*

·      MSM supplementation to allow for better detox and better usage of nutrients* (MSM makes the cell walls more permeable and adaptable)

·      Liver flushing*

·      Colonics

·      Coffee enemas*

·      J. Crow 5% Lugol’s Iodine both topically and with water internally. That’s because my skin test for Iodine usually indicates I am short of iodine. I put an iodine stain on the skin. It should stay stained for 24 hours, if my body has enough iodine. Usually the stain is gone in a few hours or less.

·      MMS for parasites, regular parasite cleanses*

·      Dark Willard’s Water for Minerals

·      Self acupressure using Jin Shin Do or traditional acupuncture points*

·      Less sugar*

·      Clear candida from the system

·      Less starch

·      A variety of specialty diets

·      Fava Beans

·      Eat more cinnamon from Sri Lanka*

·      Take nerve and brain regeneration supplements, especially L-Tyrosine*

·      Regular appropriate exercise especially tai chi etc.

·      Eat good oils* for the brain and nerve healing generally (especially the feet)

·      Strengthening stomach acid using green smoothies or HCL supplementation

·      Breathwork of some sort*

·      Healing adrenal exhaustion

·      Use of essential oils for the brain and nerves* (this only takes 60 second each morning. With my skin still wet after toweling off from my shower, I mix essential oils drops with about 1T castor oil in the palm of my left hand, then I slather it all over my skin surface (except genitals which are too sensitive to essential oils). I use a variety of high quality essential oils known for healing nerves.

·      Castor oil pack and body rubs*

·      Oil pulling for the oral cavity*

·      A regular regimen of supplements and herbs, including B-12, B vitamins, zinc, L-Tyrosine, D3, minerals, magnesium, MSM*

·      Rest when tired* in other words don’t make adrenal exhaustion a lifestyle

·      Avoid or minimize stress*

·      Sleep and rest - do not skimp*

·      Eat when hungry, avoid eating if not hungry* I do the best I can with this. There are many failures.

·      Acupuncture when I had time and could afford it

·      Any kind of bodywork EXCEPT primal simple foot holding (I now consider a waste of time unless conducted along the lines I suggest here)


If it were not for Dr. Janice and her website, I might have gotten lost in that list, and managed my symptoms well enough to get by for the rest of my life. But her writings taught me how to feel for myself, the channel meridian flow, so that I can easily confirm that my stomach meridian on the right side is in reversal mode or at least stagnant. THIS is what causes the low dopamine, as she explains in her eBooks (the exact mechanism is explained there it is not pertinent here; you’ll find it well explained in her eBooks).

Granted, there are things on that list I cannot ignore, no matter what, like reducing EMF and pesticide exposure, and resting and doing energy work. But on the whole, how can I consider most such things (as are on that list) as curative, when I can put the center of my palm a quarter of an inch above any part of my right stomach meridian and clearly feel it runs upward and not downward? THAT’S the cause of my PD. And THAT is caused by unresolved shock or trauma, an unhealed foot injury, and the psychology of not feeling safe in the world without constant vigilance. Will any of these many things on that above list fix that? Maybe, but only if they are used with this understanding and directed by an intuitive and tough-minded skilled practitioner who knows what he or she is doing!

Mostly all those list items can moderate symptoms only. Probably I could finish my life with just minor symptoms using certain ideas from that intimidating list. But again, on the right side of my own body, where I have the trembling, I can feel that the stomach meridian energy flow is stagnant or reversed (as in actually going up not down. I can FEEL this for myself). SO I have proof of these ideas I am sharing, right in my own hands. There is no longer confusion or doubt on my part ( has meridian maps and teaches how to feel these channel flows). It does not make sense to me to take brain herbs or supplements which will allow me to function but will also enable me to ignore the deeper work of shock and trauma healing, and foot healing.

Certainly a competent dance teacher, say, who knew how to use dance to teach shock and trauma healing, reconnection with the breath, feeling safe, learning self-abandonment and less self-consciousness, easy movement, etc. would be able to heal PD just with dance. But such a dance instructor is nowhere to be seen, at least where I am presently situated. The same would be true for bodywork, psychological work, emotional clearing, yoga, etc. – the effectiveness would depend on the teacher and their understanding and skills. 


Recapitulation of advice to bodyworkers who have a PD client:

·      Treat the foot on the affected side. Remember, there is a 95% chance of that, no matter what the client tell you as in “I have no foot injury”. It may not be the foot, but some other body part along the stomach meridian channel. Most practitioners have ways to find where those are located. Use all your wits and resources to do this. It may not be as simple as you think. Be prepared to take some years to accomplish this (it has been two years and running in my case, I am still not there). Peripheral neuropathy may be an unsuspected underlying contributing factor, as in my case. This can take a long time to heal. It may not be a foot injury; it could be a hip or shoulder or rib injury. Do not believe them when they tell you there has been no injury along the affected side where the stomach meridian channel energy is supposed to run downwards. Just do the necessary work to bring them to the surface (primal holding). Footbaths are an ancient practice that takes advantage of the fact that the largest pores of the body are in the feet. Heavy metals do sink to the feet (as when we do chemotherapy for instance, or when we breathe in LA smog). You can Google “foot baths” and find many suggestions how to proceed. I once had a client undergoing chemo for breast cancer, and I could not work on her feet, until she started doing footbaths at my insistence. Otherwise her feet made my hands ache with a kind of mild electrical buzz – it was the buildup of heavy metals there from her chemotherapy.  

·      Learn about foot holding or holding other body parts. If the foot injury is slow to heal and characterized by very sharp shooting pains, suspect frayed nerves, remember nerves can be slow to heal, on the right foot. Recommend the usual nerve protocols – no gluten, B-12, multi B vitamins, less sugar, good oils, no fried foods, no baked or roasted foods (same bad over heated oils as in fried foods), give up running or foot pounding aerobics, and take targeted nerve-regeneration supplements or herbs.

·      Suspect that the brain herbs and nerve herbs etc. MAY be more useful in healing the nerves of the foot rather than the brain. And THAT may be why they “work”.

·      Learn to sense acupuncture channel or meridian (same thing) flow with your hands (center of palm is easiest). It is easier than you think. It is free information, at

·      Learn how to work with shock and trauma and over vigilant intellect and attitude.

·      Be creative and sensitive but very tough minded with compassion about getting to the heart of the issue, which is not the symptoms (trembling, balance, pallor, tonus, lack of taste and smell, apnea etc.) or lack of dopamine, but rather:

  • The PD personality – over intellectual, not fully embodied, not trusting life fully, never feeling really safe, military-style ego of pain endurance
  • Choosing to stay in a state of shock or trauma and pretending to be stoic to cover up this fact. They’ve learned to face life by playing dead, and they build ego defenses to maintain that way of being.
  • Moving the body in a controlled way instead of naturally flowing with movement. Not trusting themselves to simply release in gravity.

·      Teach or encourage them to dance without inhibition (alone, in the dark, if needed; this may carry over to giving them more courage to let people see their PD tremors, not trying to hide it) and get rid of the desire to hide PD, help them express open and free movement including the PD tremoring; otherwise they bury it deeper and a cure can never happen. Teach or encourage them to get involved in any other kind of compatible activity that might awaken heart energy and devotion.

·      The untreated foot injury (or other injury) must be your primary concern. Do not believe them if they tell you there is no injury there. Do foot holding for ten minutes at least, every session. Start using MSM lotion and castor oil on the foot during sessions if you find they are not doing this for themselves. Keep checking whether the stomach meridian is still reversed. When it flows down normally, look for a BIG increase in foot pain (or wherever the old injury is located), which is the start of the foot healing. Keep telling them they will NOT feel any pain in the foot until the stomach meridian goes back to normal mode. I would not have believed this if it did not happen to me exactly that way, and is still happening. If they involuntarily shake and shudder the right leg or foot as you do foot holding, tell them THAT IS THE BEST POSSIBLE THING THAT CAN HAPPEN and the more that happens the more you are curing PD. That’s been the case for me.

·      Teach them that it is OK and safe and better to feel the pain rather than to play dead. Teach them to accept and even dance with the pain. Gently keep pointing out, a hundred times if necessary in various ways, that a stoic, military, vigilant and intellectual approach to life can just be a form of playing dead and not being willing, not having courage even, to face life fully and experience it fully. It does not mean being less military or masculine or tough minded, it means waking up to a broader expanse of feelings and considerations.

·      Teach them to shudder and shake as in trauma release. Even though this is artificial, it does have an effect in helping us recognize and accept and encourage the authentic un-expected tremoring that is like “pure gold” and will eliminate or reduce symptoms like nothing else. Google TRE (Trauma Release Exercises) and incorporate that in your sessions, what you learn there.

·      Show your clients that by running their hands over their own stomach meridian they may even learn to feel the direction of the channel flow.

·      Don’t be distracted by the sleep apnea, the tight and sore muscles, the head forward posture, the tremoring, and the balance issues. The temptation might be to treat or focus on those things. You’ll just be helping them distract themselves from doing the real work. If your client has lots of money, and makes you feel that you are his paid worker, to do what he wants, you won’t get good results. What he wants is to protect his ego and the related habits that finally gave him PD. You have to be able to reach his inner core and tell him or her things, straight up, that might risk him never coming back. Then you can be a “marker” in his life, where from that moment he can begin to actually heal. Otherwise you will just enable him to keep getting along, the more you treat his symptoms. You’ll need to find the courage to do that, to be effective in such a case.


As I type this, in May 2015, I still have a minor tremor, off and on. Each time I get foot holding experience some seconds of excruciating foot pain, but the pain is so intense, it soon goes away as the stomach meridian reverses away from the pain. I try my best to be with the pain but the stomach meridian seems to have a mind of its own. So I am now turning to long term strategies to nerve healing – B vitamins, no gluten, B-12 shots, good oils, no fried foods, not running on pavement, less sugar, castor oil rubs, herbs and vitamins for nerve regeneration (as from Life Extension Foundation). All this expresses just my present understanding, and if my personal history is any guide, it is subject to change.

This entire essay is really only a recapitulation of my present thinking about PD -- that is all. I hope nobody follows the path I have taken; there was so much wasted time and effort. Remember, if you are taking PD medications, you probably should not even be reading this, and you must not do any of these things; it would be a great personal risk if you did. You have plenty of resources in your PT and MD and support groups to know what to do for your PD. What is written here, none of it applies to you. Read the website and all the free eBooks. Consult with the practitioners there; get their guidance before you proceed.  

I am not a doctor and this is not meant as advice for anyone; it is just an introspective exercise sharing (with myself primarily) the ideas I have gathered about Parkinson’s from my personal experience. For me it seems clear to be working, and I am looking forward to soon being entirely symptom-free. 

But again, if you have read this far, and have PD and are taking medications, take warning: you must not try any of these things unless you get approval of your MD and are off medications and have read and understand all the free eBooks at

I want to express my heartfelt desire here, that the alternative health and bodywork community, including especially Chiropractic, TCM/Acupuncture, The hands-on Bodywork Community, Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Zen, Massage Therapy, Osteopathic and Feldenkrais will learn to feel channel meridian flows and KNOW what is going on. The idea has been out there now for many years, it is time to incorporate it into treatment for Parkinson’s! For sure MDs won’t be doing this so it is up to all the others to start this happening.

Frankly looking back over the many treatments I have had over the years, not one person was really treating me in a way that would have prevented or cured Parkinson’s. Not one of them knew anything about reversal of stomach meridian on affected side.

© Copyright 2015 Steve Hamlin