"Just because we live in America where things are more or less clean and sanitary (compared to third world countries, say) does not mean we don’t have a problem with parasites.” -SH


Like most people, for most of my life this was just a word to me; it was something that other people had, and it was a problem in other countries where sanitation is not as good as in America. However, circumstances were going to be arranged to give me a very thorough practical education about parasites.

First, my usual Disclaimer: I have had no education or training or experience in curing people of parasitic infections. I have only my own experience, and observations through reading many books and experimenting with different cleansing techniques, but I have never systematically studied – in an academic setting or fashion – the topic of parasites. I have never looked at studies, I’ve only used my own personal experience as a guide.  Therefore, you must likewise do what is safe and right for you. You could get very sick doing like I do in the below exercises; what is described here is only meant as a journal of my own experience and you need to check with your MD and other health providers before doing anything I write about.

My opinion is that you should first of all find some alternative-oriented person, in your locality, who has had experience in helping people clear parasites. That person can steer you onto safe ground. People must start gently in this topic. What I describe here is not gentle, but rather, extreme measures!  So please be warned and keep this in mind as you continue reading.

Now, the Second Disclaimer: GRAPHIC CONTENT BELOW. It cannot be avoided. If you are squeamish or have a sensitive stomach, please read with caution.


My first parasite lesson came while doing a special kind of juice diet – after twenty days, parasites begin to die off and be expelled from the body. Every morning I was doing a water enema, with some tea and lime juice. My supervisor told me that the long, skinny, almost transparent spaghetti like “noodles” I saw in the toilet after the enema (that most people would think were “strings of mucus”) were actually intestinal worms. How to know for sure? At one end you’d see a tiny red head. I had to get a straw and pick one up to examine it more closely to be sure. It had a red head. 

I was expelling these things by the cupful. I’d always know when parasites were coming out during the enema since I’d feel squishy, jelly-like things passing the anus – which was not the usual feeling. The usual feeling was just water and semi-solid or solid fecal matter.

I learned that everyone who fasts beyond 20 or 30 days always has these worms. Apparently the only exceptions are those who were vegan from birth, and their parents were also vegan.  Following this discovery, I had a prolonged and good-humored email exchange with a friend, an alternative practitioner, who knew a lot about fasting:

Steve: “You mean to tell me that everyone I see during the day, young and old, fat or thin – has parasites”?

Answer: Yes.

Steve:“What about people with a big belly – does that mean they have more than the rest of us?”

Answer: Yes.

Steve: “But I thought that only people from third-world countries had parasites, and that Americans were not troubled by them. Do you mean to tell me that Americans have as many parasites as you would expect to see in a person from a third world country?

Answer: Yes!

Steve: “Is there some other way to get rid of parasites besides juice fasting more than 20 days?”

Answer: Perhaps, but for sure, herbs do not touch them. They know how to hide in diverticular pockets and behind the biofilm. You may break off part of the body of a worm, but if any part is left, the worm will grow back. I have seen many people who have done all the popular parasite cleanses, herbs, chemicals, zappers – they all have worms. As far as I am concerned, fasting is the only way to get them. If you do a fast once a year, you will keep the population of parasites within limits. I don’t think it is possible to totally eradicate them. I have never seen anything else that works – whatever people have done, when they fast, out they come.”

Steve: “What about medical testing. Does it work? Don’t they have medications that will kill them?”

Answer: Nope, it is ineffective. I know because I have supervised so many people, and many of them went the medical route. They may have a medication that will kill one kind of parasite, but not all of them. My opinion is that you need to fast and break down the biofilm before herbs, medications or other methods can be truly effective. Fasting alone can be enough if it is done properly.


One thing about fasting and parasite die-offs that was very interesting to me was that I could predict a couple of days in advance when worms were dying and ready to be expelled with the enema. At that time I’d feel more depressed and angry and feel like I am dying from starvation too. The next morning when I pass the dead worms and such in the enema, all those feelings are gone. This was repeated so often, that I no longer doubted when those feelings arose what I was dealing with.

As well, they have their own separate lives, including feeding, reproducing, etc. It has been my experience that when I do a parasite cleanse, I feel lighter, cleaner, my moods are more stable, and sexuality is not as big a deal as it was previously. Digestion is less dramatic, with fewer burps and intestinal gas.

I have a long history of suffering from parasite infestation – as a child our family had cats and dogs, and later I was in Vietnam, Mexico and India, and in each place I got intestinal flu – that meant parasites! It also meant lying in bed sick as a dog, with a fever and diarrhea for many days in a row.  Growing up we never did parasite purges and looking back, I see that I had all the many symptoms of parasitic infestation – including malnutrition, itchy anus, nose picking, restlessness, sugar cravings, disturbed sleep, unpredictable emotional states, and ravenous appetite.

It has only been in recent years that I feel like I understand the problem, and know what to do. That’s because when I returned from India several months ago, I could not gain my usual weight of 165. Instead I was stuck at 148. My MD ordered a blood test and stool examination – both came out clear. I then had a colonoscopy. It came out clear. Just a few weeks later I was passing cups of worms and other parasites in my morning enema. I am sure that worms run and hide in the small intestines when a colonoscopy is performed. Please don’t ask me how the VA could tell me all the tests, including colonoscopy were negative for parasites, when I was LOADED with them. It is because of repeated experiences like this, that I have lost my faith in modern allopathic medicine. 

And as well, medical testing of the stool and colon ignores the fact that parasites, in their various life stages, can be in any part of the body, not just the intestines. How are we going to get them all?

A friend told me that in Brazil they use gas samples from the colon to diagnosis parasites – and what kind. He said he has known for many years that Western Allopathic Medicine is not interested in accurate diagnosis and treatment of parasites. You have to be proactive to get your MD interested in this topic.

However, I later consulted an alternative health specialist, who uses a special kind of muscle testing combined with homeopathic remedies and touching acupuncture meridians (she is an experienced QRA person, Quantum Resonance Analyst, and you can Google this along with the words Dr. Marshall), who told me I did have parasites, the Worst she has ever seen, and she told me what to do. She told me that parasites hide behind the “biofilm” and that we need to break up the biofilm first, before herbs or medical testing will work. I did this by fasting for 20 days and then using saturation doses of very strong parasite chemicals and herbs – so strong I was bedridden for 3 days (when usually I am up and active during a long fast). You can get more information about bio-film and parasites from

After two weeks on that fast, when the biofilm was dissolved, I was again passing dead worms and parasites by the cupful! I even saved a cup in vodka to show skeptical friends! It is suggestive that vodka dissolves worms, and indeed my specimins did not last long! I’ve since wondered whether people who drink, even wine or beer, have a lighter parasite load than the rest of us? One of my friends, an alternative-healing practitioner, told me that, for SURE, rum is the best thing to kill parasites. “Get drunk for a weekend and they are all gone”. I have not tried that yet, and never will, but it sounds like an interesting alternative for some!

I hope you are not like I was and think you are immune, or that, if you ignore this issue, you will be OK. The parasites are not going to ignore you. Unless you have never petted a dog or cat, unless you have been vegan from birth, and likewise your parents, unless you have never eaten even once at a restaurant that serves meat, nor at anyone’s home where meat is eaten, unless you have never touched a public bathroom doorknob, and also have never been to a third world country, nor have ever gotten sick with travelers diarrhea THEN you might convince me that you don’t have parasites. But even then, you’d have a hard time convincing me.

I wish I had read fewer books about parasites, and done more practical work. The problem was that I could not find anyone who knew what to do, that really worked. There seems to be a code of silence and also ignorance in the allopathic community about this topic.

My strong recommendation is to get educated about parasites and regularly do some sort of parasite cleansing, whether you think you need it or not. All our ancestors did this regularly. We should not give up ancient wisdom so readily when the evidence is becoming clearer that it is almost an epidemic – such is the literature I have seen.

My program involves: diatomaceous earth, garlic, rosemary, artemisia, borax, MMS, fasting, chaparral, and a Rife Machine (but not essential). Elsewhere on this site, I’ll soon post my detailed protocol ideas. I’ve learned parasites are tough, smart, they shape-shift, they go through many evolutions, they hide quickly, and they are nearly impossible to eradicate entirely from the body, unless you use multiple strategies for prolonged periods of time. They live not only in the intestines but also anyplace in the body, including the brain, the heart, the skin, the lungs, the liver and biliary tree, around the lining of the spleen, etc. The best we can ever do is manage the population, keep it within limits.  Try as we might, it is impossible to eradicate them completely.

One of my friends puts a cup of orange juice into his Vitamix blender in the morning. Then he adds one entire head (not clove) of garlic, and blends this to a fine mush, and he drinks it down. That is one way to talk to the parasites, and garlic also will cut into and begin to dissolve the biofilm. Rosemary powder is also good to kill parasites.

I have a private theory, completely unconfirmed, except by observation and intuitive hints, and I have never read a word about this anywhere, not heard about it either. It seems to be my own original speculation:

  • Those people who eat non-organic produce and junk foods, which are loaded with pesticides and herbicides, have much less problems with parasitic infections compared to those who try to eat healthy, and organic, and raw and are fasting and detoxing to clear such poison from the body. I think this is one reason why, as many have commented, that people who are shopping in a health food store often look rather sickly, compared to most of the people who are shopping in the supermarkets, eating “normal” food. It is NOT as some would have it, that health food store people are over-obsessive about food and being healthy. Not in my opinion. The explanation is that health food store shooppers are more infected with parasites, because they don’t have so much poison in their bodies. It is THOSE people who should be most interested in systematic and effective parasite purging.

I can’t help wondering how my life would have been different or better if my parents had known about the ancient wisdom, and the practical ways to kill parasites in kids (for instance, taking a bath in warm milk, which draws out the worms), but even nowadays it continues to be a tough subject to tackle.

Most all of us have worms and other forms of intestinal and other parasites. These creatures become part of our own identity. To put it more bluntly, they are very adept at manipulating our desires, our food cravings and many other emotions as well.  Personally, I believe even that when the worms are having sex, we also will want to have sex.

Therefore, when the worms are dying or starving (during a fast of parasite purge) their anger and depression and hopelessness will be felt as if those are our very own emotions. When people discover this aspect of parasites, uniformly, they are astounded or even dumbfounded. It is totally off the wall, unexpected, but very real, and can be reliably demonstrated by anyone willing to do the work of fasting long enough, or doing an effective parasite purge (though this is not so simple).

Just because we live in America where things are more or less clean and sanitary (compared to third world countries, say) does not mean we don’t have a problem with parasites. Many trusted sources will confirm this, as you will see if you begin to research or survey this important topic. Start reading some of the many books on parasites by American MD’s and you may be shocked at the extent of the problem, and how so much evidence is being ignored by mainstream allopathic medicine.

Parasites are very opportunistic and persistent and one needs to build into the lifestyle periodic parasite purges – like all our ancestors were doing. So again I ask, why have we forgotten this wisdom?


I have devised numerous ways to deal with parasites. Now that I am not fasting 60 days on juice ( protocol) each year, I have had to find other ways to regularly lessen my parasite load each year or each week. Briefly, I depend on MMS, garlic, food grade diatomaceous earth, a GB 4000 Rife Machine, and garlic powder enemas while first diminishing the bio film by using fasting or a mucus-free diet for some days. My belief, and inner sense, is that I should do a purge of one sort or another, one day every week. As this is not practical for me, I find myself procrastinating for many weeks. Then I do have real issues and can’t delay. Neither MMS nor herbs will reach parasites unless we first get rid of or diminish the biofilm. Biofilm is a sticky, gummy substance made of sugar, starch, dead organisms and cell, and it lines the internal body spaces, and parasites find it very convenient to hide behind this film, if they are attacked, for instance, with killing herbs.

Between purges I will use an ancient Japanese home remedy, that contains creosote, and it works very well, I would guess, to keep down the parasite population. You can Google this and buy it easily online: SEIROGAN. This is easy to carry in a purse; my intuitive sense is that it works for most parasites and also unfriendly bacteria and virus. It smells SO strongly of creosote, it MUST have some effect is my feeling about it.

I also found a little website called where the owner describes her way to clear parasites and worms from pigs, since she was disgusted with the poisonous chemicals that her Vet had been giving her. She felt there had to be a better way. Pigs and their snout poke around everywhere, and get into all kinds of filth while eating. And her results are 100% confirmed by the vets, after the pigs are slaughtered, there is no trace of any parasitic infection anywhere, not the gut, not the brain, nowhere in the body. She feels such a thing is unprecedented.

Her program involved ONLY food grade diatomaceous earth and garlic; that is all. I try to follow that program, at times. I have ambitions of doing this more regularly. It is a bit of trouble, you see. It is basically this:

  • Every other month, with all meals, take 1 T of food grade diatomaceous earth for every 100 pounds of your body weight. 
  • The powder must be taken each time you eat, in proportion. I mix it into my water bottle, and take some sips with each meal, adjusting my intake so that at the end of the day, the bottle is finished.
  • Every month, take seven days of crushed or pressed or blended or chewed raw garlic; Take 1 T raw garlic for every 100 pounds of body weight. The garlic, for those seven days each month, must be taken every time you eat. We don’t want to give the parasites a chance, during those 7 days, to get any food garlic free. The garlic will either drive them out of the body, or kill them. I find it easiest to peel garlic cloves, the right amount, and cut them into quarters, and put them into a little bottle for the day’s meals. With each meal I just chew the required amount of garlic. It has not been as hard to do, as I had thought. It was just too much trouble to cut and press the garlic for each meal.

In case you did not know, diatomaceous earth (DE) is the exo-skeleton of tiny ocean plankton. They are so tiny, these skeletons, that they have very sharp little cutting edges. If a parasite eats any of this, it will cut up his insides, and it will die. Ants do not like to walk over the powder, since it cuts their feet. Yet, studies have confirmed that DE is harmless to the human gut. As well, DE will cut up and help dissolve the biofilm. So the parasites have nowhere to hide, and if you eat the DE as described, they have no way to get any food, except food that has DE mixed into it.

  • As well, ground rosemary can be mixed with the DE, and I do this, when I can get it. If you look at the benefits of rosemary, you will see it is a powerful agent against parasites. It is warrior herb, and has little tiny spikes. You need to get fresh, and finely ground rosemary for it to work, in my opinion.

Besides MMS and fasting to dissolve biofilm, this is the only program I would trust, because:

  1. Pigs have a similar skin and digestive structure as humans
  2. If it works for pigs, with all their parasites, it probably works for humans
  3. The results for the pigs have been confirmed by autopsy after slaughter and you cannot say as much for any other form of parasite herbs or parasite programs designed for humans, and there are many such programs on the market today.
  4. It is inexpensive and available to anyone. That is my belief; God or Nature will always give us solutions to our concerns, whether health or parasites or whatever, close at hand, and available (staring us in the face, so to speak) if we are receptive and have a little spirit of adventure still alive inside of us. 
© Copyright 2015 Steve Hamlin