"Regular usage of MSM over many months gradually will double your uptake of vitamins, minerals, drugs and many other nutrients.  Your whole body gets smarter and more flexible, you might say. You won’t need to take so many vitamins, nor eat so much. Your body will become much more efficient in that way.” -SH

MSM - far beyond joint health

This is a white powdered substance that is used as a dietary supplement. It is very special; it is not a vitamin, or an herb, neither a protein or hormone, or enzyme nor a mineral.  It also comes as a lotion, often sold in health stores in the vitamin section not the hand lotion department (due to federal regulations apparently)

It is a structural building block, like protein, except that it is a sulfur-containing flexible bond between proteins. When cells – specifically cell walls – are rich in MSM, they are more “rubbery” and can take nutrients and eliminate waste more easily.

Dr. Earl Mindell, author of The Vitamin Bible and many other books on nutrition and natural healing was most surprised when he discovered MSM. He mentioned that if anybody had told him there was a natural substance far more important than any known vitamin, mineral, enzyme, herb hormone etc. he would not have believed him or her. But now he is a believer, and he not only has a website dedicated to MSM but also wrote a book. There is far more benefit to MSM than you would believe just by reading the popular literature and medically oriented websites. You are not getting the full picture there.

Tried and true statements about MSM

  • There is no more important supplement you can take.
  • Aging of the skin, and all tissue, is not what we think. Tissue gets old and dry and leathery NOT because of lack of water or good oil or “aging” but because of lack of MSM.
  • Regular usage of MSM will make you look 5-10 years (at least) younger within 6 months. Be patient and give it time.
  • Regular usage of MSM over many months gradually will double your uptake of vitamins, minerals, drugs and many other nutrients.  Every cell becomes much more supple, adaptable and intelligent (it has been said that the brain of the cell is not the DNA but rather the cell wall; and MSM enhances cell wall function). Your whole body gets smarter and more flexible, you might say. You won’t need to take so many vitamins, nor eat so much. Your body will become much more efficient in that way.
  • MSM lotion will penetrate the skin quickly and deeply; there is no better hand and body lotion to create silky smooth skin. I have confirmed this many times, as have my many clients.
  • If you are a woman concerned with looking younger and more beautiful, there is nothing more effective you could do than regularly take a small teaspoon of MSM powder twice a day and use the lotion on problem areas of the skin. Within 6 months your friends would all agree with this assessment. Try it out.
  • Dry and leathery skin will transform to looking soft and younger and attractive; this you can test for yourself. It is very convincing, if you give it a trial over six months.


MSM is abundant in whole raw foods, organic, and freshly picked. It is a substance that is lighter than air, and science did not know about it until about 15 years ago. Cooking, storing, processing, etc. will destroy MSM. If you are eating a diet of 80% or more fresh, raw and organic produce, you don’t need MSM. Otherwise, you will find tremendous benefit.

I was still doing Bikram Yoga three times a week when I discovered MSM. I had many complaints, doing Bikram, including painful pulled muscles or micro-tears deep in my body or fascia, and these were slow to heal and rather painful. Regular use of MSM made my whole body feel more rubbery, and stretching in Bikram became almost effortless and there was no more such trouble, never again (after that I increased my raw food intake and even went 3 years 100% vegan raw).    

There is a fascinating history connected with MSM.  You won’t read this on Wikipedia, not the full story! It comes from the lumbar industry: MSM is in fact related to DMSO, and was pioneered by veterinarians for use with race horses, and for many years it was well tested and proven to be able to harmlessly no side effects heal, rejuvenate, prolong youth, improve performance, etc., in race horses. When they finally began to market MSM to humans, the FDA tried numerous times to outlaw the substance. But because the science was by then so well-established, and it was proven that MSM was simply a food substance nothing more nor less, the FDA lost each case, and now MSM is available freely at health stores and mail-order outlets.

But nonetheless, to my great surprise, because all the university and medical websites, and medical literature and Wikipedia have somehow slanted or suppressed the magical aspects of MSM on human health and functioning, few people really understand what regular usage of MSM could do for them.

It is best to purchase MSM from the original pioneer of the substance; he has the best quality product, it reliably gets the results I have mentioned (I can’t say that for MSM from other sources, I just have not tried them out) information, videos, educational material etc. that has not been compromised by medical disinformation campaigns. Do not go to Wikipedia for information on MSM! Go to Google and type “BILL RICH MSM” and check out his website and see his educational material. There, you find the truth.

A Wiki-Warning

I have heard rumors that Wikipedia is a front for drug companies, and any information posted there which contradict medical dogma or might cost drug companies money, is pulled out or re-written with a different slant. I have seen much evidence that this may be the case. Before going there, first check out the information from Bill Rich. Otherwise your mind will be poisoned and unable to accept the truth; that is the usual effect of reading Wikipedia first on such things.

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