Salt Talk

"Most modern folks today don’t know the kind of peaceful feeling that comes from completely removing bad salt from one’s diet and replacing it with an abundance of good salt such as Celtic Sea Salt, Himalayan Salt, etc.” -SH

Steve’s Salt Talk 

In my private practice I took a rather broad focus on ways to help people out of pain. Even salt did not escape my attention. I would regularly give my clients little lectures about salt, wheat, castor oil, fasting, smog detox, Willard’s Water, green smoothies, exercise, MSM, MMS, good oil/bad oil, posture, breathing and raw food diet and the dangers of white sugar. What follows here is essentially what I would say during my “salt talk”.

This took me many years to understand. Most people today don’t understand salt. For me, it started with finally realizing that even though everyone accepts table salt as “salt” it did not used to be this way. Not at all.  Also I was slowly coming to the settled belief that if you want to know the truth of anything, you have to look prior to the year 1900. In other words, old and proven, not new and improved. In numerous ways I was continually being disillusioned with modern culture and the kind of beliefs and assumptions inherent therein.

So salt became a question for me, since Eileen Poole, an intuitive dietary coach, had often told me that I was “extremely salt toxic”. I could not understand how that could be so, since I never salted my food. I never used a saltshaker, not for many years.  So here is the story of how I came to my understanding of salt:

I knew modern medicine often blamed salt for high blood pressure. And for these persons, eating low salt diets was recommended. I also felt in my own body, I could taste it, “salt toxicity”  -- kind of a too salty taste, a feeling that my body is overburdened with salt. And a knowing that I should not eat salt of any kind. And yet I did not know where this salt was coming from. So I had to take a broader look at my life and habits. My toxic salt overload was coming from too many restaurant meals! They were salted to the max, and that is why they tasted SO good.

But still I had my puzzlement over the curious fact that I knew, from casual reading, that in ancient times salt was treasured: “Ye are the salt of the earth”, for example.  Then how have we gone wrong in the twentieth century?  Table salt is not a thing to be treasured that is for SURE. And so, why? I knew modern medicine for sure had it partly right, but also partly wrong (as usual), but how?

I soon found my answer in a book on macrobiotics. The author essentially said that we didn’t need to believe him, but just try out the following experiment:

  • Take two 8 ounce glasses, they must be clear glass, not frosted or opaque. 
  • Fill them with a cup of water. 
  • Into one glass put one teaspoon table salt, the kind that is found everywhere, in restaurants and stores. 
  • In the other put one teaspoon of a special salt – salt that is purchased at a health food store and is labeled as “UNHEATED –NO FLOWING AGENTS ADDED.”
  • Let the two cups sit overnight. See what has happened in the morning.


What you see in the morning is this: In the first glass with regular table salt, the salt forms a solid opaque scum on the bottom of the glass, and a white film on the sides of the glass. In other words, the salt did not fully dissolve in the water.

In the second glass with special salt, you find only clear water. The salt completely dissolved. You may find a little non-salt mineral or plant residue on the bottom of the glass, but essentially it completely dissolves in the glass. The salt I used for this experiment is called Real Salt and nearly every health food store carries it.

When I first conducted the experiment I used Hain’s Sea Salt, a popular health food brand of sea salt. But I didn't notice that Hain’s Sea Salt did not say UNHEATED. It behaved exactly like the first kind of salt, Morton’s or whatever it was. The book was adamant; you need to use only sea salt that has not been heated.

Unless it says specifically UNHEATED, it seems that most all salt is heated in some way, usually in ovens of extremely high temperature, hotter than a home oven for sure.  This not only kills bacteria, mold, fungus, etc but hardens the salt and allows it to pour more easily. This is certainly not a bad thing, and it probably gives it a longer shelf life, but high-heating makes the salt harder to dissolve in water - and therefore - in body fluids.

Now, of course this experiment proves very little. Because for one thing, the surface tension of bodily fluids is much less than that of untreated drinking water. And possibly the body has ways to dissolve salt that has been heated. But the experiment at least hints that probably heated salt is harder for the body to dissolve than unheated salt. And probably precipitates out and contributes to formation of kidney stones, gall stones, arthritic deposits, bone spurs. It may not be hard science, but the questions certainly arises, can it be true?

Being a vegetarian cook at that time, I could control what I ate. I started using unheated salt for everything I cooked, so for months I got zero exposure to heated salt.  I did, in time, feel a difference.  A nice, soft feeling that permeated the nervous system and body. A subtle feeling, but noticeable. Heated salt has a “jagged” or harsh effect on the body.

So now I am of the opinion that salt has got an undeserved bad reputation. Any kind of unheated, sun dried unprocessed true salt is a source of many minerals, and necessary nutrients. The ancients were right. Salt is meant to be treasured.

It just shows how far from Mother Nature we have strayed – that we accept as “real salt” the traditional “table salt” that pours so nicely, that is a devil’s concoction of grossly over heated salt, with flow enhancers, anti-hydration agents, antifungal and anti-mold chemicals, bleach and other unlisted ingredients. And even our Doctors, whom we are supposed to TRUST to know more about health and healing than everyone else, THEY TOO just think that is what salt is. And correctly they will tell us not to consume salt, it causes high blood pressure, it is hard on the kidneys, etc. But I have only rarely heard of an MD distinguish between good salt such as the ancients used and modern salt. They should be saying for us to switch from bad salt to good salt, but such honesty and wisdom in not permitted for them, it would seem. 

Good salt is good for you and it will drive out bad salt. Bad salt gives you a “salt imagination” in the Shakespearian sense, meaning carnal thoughts come too easily. Bad salt irritates the hell out of the nerve endings, and makes any kind of pain in the body worse. Bad salt crusts up the kidneys and will eventually give you not just high blood pressure (as the heart has to pump harder etc to force blood through the encrusted kidneys) but eventual kidney failure as well. Bad salt is not going to give you nourishment or a spectrum of minerals; on the contrary it will OVERLOAD the system with sodium. The kidneys are designed to store or preserve sodium, since it is scarce in nature. Deer will walk miles to get a salt lick. The kidneys are designed to flush magnesium, which is abundant in Nature (the center of chlorophyll is magnesium atom). But our modern diet is top heavy in sodium and short in magnesium. 


The key concepts to remember?  Even one restaurant meal will give the body more bad salt than it can get rid of in a week or two. We have to sweat or fast to get rid of bad salt. It takes time and effort. Paul Bragg, the famous fasting enthusiast, said that the main purpose of water fasting was to GET RID OF TOXIC SALT and he was not joking. He was a smart man. Otherwise it will accumulate. If you do not fast or exercise and sweat, and yet you are eating out, or snacking on junk food, it is just a matter of time until you are very salt toxic, and all the trouble that means.  The most HIGHLY salted junk food on planet earth? Is the hot, salted biscuits they serve before that nice restaurant meal. Studies have shown this. Such biscuits are not innocent. The toxic salt makes you want to eat and drink lots of sweets and each starches. The sticky wheat-gluten binds the gut so you don’t assimilate much of the restaurant meal, so you EAT MORE. This means MORE PROFIT for the restaurant.

You may think you need to exercise a LOT to feel healthy. That thought loses its power when you switch to good salt, and start eating less simple carbos and more good green foods, and green smoothies, and raw foods and proteins from superfoods and vegan sources, not meat. Then you won’t feel compelled to sweat out and work off all the wrong things you are taking into your mouth.  Salt is a major cause of suffering unless we sweat or fast it out. You don’t need to be using the saltshaker to get overloaded with bad salt. All you need to do is lightly snack on junk food and eat out now and then. That will give you WAY TOO MUCH bad salt. Most modern folks today don’t even KNOW the kind of peaceful nerve-feeling that comes from eating ZERO bad salt and an abundance of GOOD salt such as Celtic Sea Salt, Himalayan Salt, etc.  

If you have chronic pain, anywhere in the body, first thing is to switch to good salt. You will be glad you did. And stop all junk food and eat out at restaurants only one or two times a year – more than that is too much bad salt.

© Copyright 2015 Steve Hamlin