"We need to implement other detox strategies and not depend on fasting alone for this job. Such strategies might include colon cleansing, liver flushing, castor oil body massage, foot baths, green smoothies for breakfast, more raw food, kidney flushing, etc…” -SH



I have made so many mistakes fasting; maybe some of my readers can avoid the kind of troubles I created for myself. That includes being ravenously hungry between fasts (out of control hunger where over-eating is a given), being “ungrounded” and always hungry, and never finding that middle ground of sweet and healing moderation in eating and abstinence. Moderation in eating is a prime virtue, upon which all agree, and no matter how you look at it, spiritually, scientifically, medically or psychologically we should be willing to pay practically any price to achieve such a goal. Mahatma Ghandi, in fact, has said exactly that in his famous autobiography.

First of all, I am a Vata-Pitta in Ayurvedic constitution, I am a very skinny fast burner (metabolically) and I am O+ blood type. All this should have told me that I was too ungrounded to pursue the wrong kind of fasting, as I did for so many years, and that there would be high price to pay (there was, is and continues to be).  If this applies to you too, listen carefully. This may keep you out of LOTS of trouble. If you are not like that, probably none of this will be of any pertinence to you.

What I would say, upfront, to everyone, is that we need to fast regularly especially in this polluted world. But water fasting won’t work; the detox is to extreme and we must (nearly) totally discard all fasting books and “wisdom” from past centuries where the earth was clean and all food and water was pure and/or was organic. That includes books by Paul Bragg, the water fasting enthusiast of the last century. His daughter, Patricia, told me in no uncertain terms, when I consulted with her, “You must NOT attempt to fast on water like my father. The earth was clean then. The soil was rich. Food was all organic. Water was pure. None of that is true today, and if you try to do 7 days water fasting like my Dad, you can get very sick and even die. You MUST NOT try to be like my father in this way. PLEASE. You can disregard those words only at great personal peril. She is the one who referred me to as a better way to go. I am deeply indebted to her for this.

We need to implement other detox strategies and not depend on fasting alone for this job. Such strategies might include colon cleansing, liver flushing, castor oil self-whole body massage, foot baths, increasing mineral intake (minerals are essential for detox), using green smoothies each morning for breakfast, more raw food, kidney flushing, eating organic, cutting down sugar and starch and meat and pasteurized dairy products, oil pulling, minimizing junk food, daily aerobic exercise to the point of sweating, dry skin brushing, salt baths or ocean swimming, sweating in sweat-lodges or saunas or with aerobic exercise, chelation therapy, Willard’s Water regularly, and yoga postures to keep the lymph and blood supply moving properly.

I wish, in retrospect, that I had fasted weekly for one day, by skipping breakfast and lunch, and then eating supper normally. And if I was super-hungry at lunchtime, then go ahead and have some juice or a piece of fresh fruit. That is a sensible way to fast regularly; it will teach us moderation and not throw our metabolism off the deep end, into empty space, by long water fasting (even 2 days is too much) or prolonged juice fasting (as I did based on protocols for many years). If I had a son interested in water fasting or prolonged juice fasting, as was my case for many years, I would plead with him to listen to the words of wisdom in the first two sentences of this paragraph. I would PLEAD. I would PRAY.

It is not to say that I did not love to do my yearly 30 to 60 day juice fast using protocols. I am sure it kept me healthy in LA smog all those many decades that I endured the extreme pollution of Los Angeles, one of the worlds most polluted cities (even though particulate smog is cleaned up, that does not mean the air is not toxic), and as well the EMF and other types of pollution there – including psychic pollution – is off the deep end, for sure. If anyone is interested in longer fasting, my opinion is that is the ONLY way to go. They have the right protocol, you’ll get the right guidance and advice and encouragement, and it just plain works very well.

I am only saying that if you are like me, a skinny fast burner with 0+ blood type, and Vata-Pitta constitution, prolonged juice fasting every year for many years running may not have been the best idea. Probably every other year would have been a better idea.

Finally I will say this. In 2012 I started to come down with Parkinson’s symptoms. I tried to cure this with a 14 day juice fast, using all my skills of juice fasting for so many decades. I am a veteran juice-faster, that is for SURE. What happened?  I looked very sick. I was losing weight too quickly. I had unusually low energy. I was wasting, even though I was doing all the right things. My friends were alarmed and told me I looked as if I was dying. So I decided to break the fast at day 9 instead of day 14 as I had intended. I could not do it. I tried to get down an apple, or orange juice, or a small salad and my stomach refused all such offers. I’d have thrown up if I tried.

So I had to decide whether to continue the “death fast” and die, or to find a way to live. I had to ask myself, what kind of food does my body want, so that I can break this fast and get on with my life. The answer: scrambled eggs, roast beef and toast. So I did that and it worked well! 

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