"I prefer to form my own opinions about things like cancer, and find helpful strategies that are harmless and beneficial for one’s health.  These ideas are all that built that way, so that when I use them on myself I don’t get hurt.” -SH


I have no authority or training to write about cancer; of course you must see an MD to know what is going on and to give you a balanced perspective; even in the alternative world, I can tell you this after 50 years dealing with such people who freely give their advice on such matters, and there is a lot of marketing and exaggeration and confident people speaking about what they do not know.

But, I am going to do the same thing: speak about what I do not know. I am going to share my long held, and totally unsupported opinions about cancer.  Over the years I did have a brush with basil carcinoma on my face, and also I’ve seen many clients, lots of whom were dealing with cancer, and I’ve read practically every book before 1985 on alternative health and cancer. So based on that experience, you can continue reading.

There is a feeling one gets while working with many clients, what is true and what is not true, for starters.  So what you will see here comes from observation, and many books, and from the silence of meditation, and Steve’s unreliable and restless mind (that is the cautionary note). The Silence in meditation, what insights come from that, is the gold standard, when a truth is given or confirmed from that Silence. It is never wrong, but often gets mixed with my own ideas, so again you can’t trust me here. Yes, I probably have some degree of intuitive development, as many of us do, but it has not yet reached the point of being reliable all the time. In other words, you cannot trust me, or my ideas especially when it comes to a thing like cancer.

I knew early on about cancer that I’d have to form my own opinions, and pretty much disregard everyone else. I detest reading studies and ignore them as often as I can. That is another good reason to ignore what I say here, and do not trust me especially if you have cancer. But some of my friends and clients are interested in my thoughts so I am sharing them.

But I will repeat this DISCLAIMER that I have no education, no training and no experience in the realm of researching or treating cancer. You must consult your MD and other health professionals. These ideas are just my own thinking, and some of it came from “a vacuum” with no support whatever except my own opinion and observation. If you read this or do any of these things it is at your own risk, and I make NO claims that any of these things will cure or prevent cancer. Again I am just sharing my personal and long-held beliefs about cancer. It is what I do to stay free from fear of cancer.


I prefer to form my own opinions about things like cancer, and find helpful strategies that are harmless and beneficial for one’s healthThese ideas are all that built that way, so that when I use them on myself I don’t get hurt.  I do not trust studies, nor do I care to get any kind of medical education about cancer. I have never trusted modern medicine personally, after all my years' experience with it. I’ll leave it at that.

I have not seen or heard anything that has yet convinced me I am wrong about any of the following points. That’s probably an index of how dogmatic and close-minded I have become. Reader beware!


  •  The more a person eats meat and heated (pasteurized) casein (yogurt, cheese, etc.) with mostly cooked and processed food (little or no raw foods) the more prone they are to cancer. Show me a long time vegetarian with cancer, I will show you a person who turned too heavily to pasteurized dairy for their protein: eggs and cheese and milk and yogurt or kefir, with too much cooked food instead of raw, instead of green smoothies, soaked seeds, superfoods, abundant salads, and raw organic dairy products. Yes, I fall into the camp of those who agree with The China Study, which concluded that pasteurized casein was the number one cause.
  • The more a person is afraid of cancer, the more they have been, for many years, eating animal proteins and eating mostly cooked (or rather, over-cooked) foods.  The less the fear, the more they have been eating, for many years, less or zero animal proteins and a sensible raw food intake. Fear is correlated that way. It is as if the fear really knows the true cause.
  • Detox, specifically salt baths (or ocean swimming) to get rid of pesticides and herbicides are a high priority. The immune system is highly compromised unless these are continually moved out of the body. See my posting on this website on Salt Baths. Colon cleansing and liver flushing are also priorities.
  • Sugar feeds cancer. If we have cancer a priority must be to eliminate sugar.
  • Cancer thrives in low oxygen. Therefore restoring good circulation (using ideas such as are found on this website) will prove unexpectedly helpful. The Buteyko Method of Breathing should be a primary interest for any cancer patient; in my opinion it is the best way to reliably and permanently and naturally increase oxygen delivery to the cells, including cancer cells. Please see my post on this site about Buteyko Breathing (or if you don’t see it yet, please Google “Patrick McKeown Buteyko” and investigate his many websites, books and online videos. Please do not go to Wikipedia; as I have seen evidence and heard others say this, that Wikipedia is a drug company front; anything that may not be good for drug profits is either re-written or taken down. There are gatekeepers there specifically for this purpose.
  • Skin cancer is caused by hard cheese; that’s been my mantra. Charlotte Gerson, daughter of Max Gerson of the famed Mexican Alternative Cancer Clinic told me this personally, during a little visit I had with her before a Los Angeles Whole Life Expo, many years ago. I stopped the hard cheese and the cancer went away. Now, 30 years later, the nose cancer re-appears when I start to eat too much cheese, especially hard cheddar, which I love. For me, that’s proof enough. There is no doubt in my mind that any cancer patient should eliminate, first and foremost, pasteurized dairy products and turn instead to raw, organic dairy products, or eliminate dairy all together.
  • Slow cook the eggs at low temperature. You can cook an omelet by placing the frying pan on top of a small pot of boiling water. You’ll then fry the eggs at boiling temperature, no more. The eggs turn out velvet soft and are much more digestible.
  • If you do chemo, you need to do foot baths, since most of that load of heavy toxic metal waste is going to sink down into your feet. Google this to learn how to do foot baths. It is an ancient practice.
  • The book Dressed To Kill details how bras are a major risk factor for breast cancer. Use a sports bra or no bra at all.
  • Lymphatic cleansing, lymphatic massage, gentle yoga, rebounding, ankle jumping, etc. is a high priority. When we have cancer we may become sedentary; this will build up even more toxic lymph. We must find ways to keep it moving if we are not doing yoga or aerobic exercise or gym workouts. 
  • Heavy metals, which comprise most of the toxic load of the body, need to be cleaned out of the body. And parasites, as Hulda Clark often says in her many books about cancer, are one main cause of cancer, and will always be in the body as long as we are burdened with heavy metal toxicity. She contends that heavy metal toxicity in the body will draw in parasites, no matter how many parasite purges we perform. If you read her books you get the full explanation of those points.
    • When we have a build-up of heavy metals, over many years, it takes time to detox that. Toxins get lodged in fat, they release only one layer at a time, and the body needs to be in good shape to handle the detox. To attempt detox when we are sick already, as with cancer, seems to me a foolish and a losing (or at least a risky and very complicated) proposition. To stop a cancer growing is easy, and Hulda Clark often says this; but to clean out heavy metals is neither easy nor quick.
    • As well, meat has minerals we need and we need lots of minerals to detox heavy metals. But meat causes cancer, if we are to believe The China Study (as I do). If a person stops eating meat, because they have cancer, they can quickly become deficient in essential minerals and other nutrients, and therefore easily get overwhelmed with the heavy metal toxicity, and any attempted detox, and that draws the parasites and the cancer back. It takes many months or years to successfully, and sensibly transition from meat eater to vegan, and it is not easy – I can tell you from personal experience. To attempt this while “under the gun” of an aggressive cancer seems quite preposterous. How can they heal cancer, how can they deal with chemo, if they are already giving their body the major challenge to stop eating meat, and also to detox heavy metals? It’s too much, and in my heart of hearts, when I see such people, I can only say a prayer and wish them Godspeed.
    • I think the medical community is often right, that aggressive chemotherapy may be the only viable choice in many instances. But at the same time, I would say that people today are being herded like cattle into a holding pen, waiting to die from cancer, after their terminal diagnosis. It need not be this way. If the allopathic industry did not stonewall alternative health, and the many good reasons to be vegetarian, vegan or raw, and ignore the diagnosing and detox of toxic waste in the body (heavy metals and herbicides and pesticides) people would not be in such a state of overwhelm and panic when confronted with such a diagnosis. I am sure such things are not taught in medical school; it would not help their industry profits.
  • I’ve used various ongoing strategies for decades to clear heavy metals, knowing as I do that in a crisis, such as supposedly incurable cancer, there would be no time to do such things. When I see people with cancer talk about detox, I have to hold my tongue; I don’t want to discourage them. What has taken me 50 years of continual work, you want to accomplish in a few weeks? Are you crazy? But I never say those words; I just think them.
  • What are my strategies?  I’ve rotated through these, using perhaps only 3 -4 of them in any one year (except fasting, exercise, salt baths and castor oil – these I did every year). They include salt baths, castor oil packs, use of healing and detox clays internally and externally, fasting (30 to 60 days a year and you would not BELIEVE the junk that keeps coming out of the daily morning enema) and enemas, colonics, colon cleansing, using lots of Celtic Sea Salt, for the spectrum of minerals needed to detox heavy metals, sauna and steam baths, oil pulling each morning after brushing teeth and flossing, Bikram Yoga and sweating in a hot room, raw food diets, MSM supplementation, regular consumption of 2 quarts daily green smoothies (as taught by, Willard’s Water, foot baths and aerobic exercise and sweating.


Those are my methods for heavy metal detox; I’ve been extreme in this, since I have been aware that LA smog is not healthy, and I have lived in a high traffic density zone for many decades, so I have breathed a LOT of car exhaust in my days in LA.  All these protocols take time and every year I varied what I did; none are a quick fix. I personally don’t know much about chelation therapy or other modern ways to go about this; I prefer to stick with my “old and proven” rather than “new and improved” which is always more expensive, anyway.

Perhaps because I have had to struggle with this for so many years, I think efforts to quickly detox heavy metals are risky, as there will be metabolic depletion and even wasting. At age 55, as well, I did an 89-day juice fast, at the insistence of the director of He told me in midlife it is crucial to do a thorough cleanse to allow for a comfortable old age.  There is a funny thing about long juice fasting; the intuition wakes up. We know where the parking spot in the Mall will be, even before we leave home. It’s like magic. It seems to have given me the ability (even now, when I am not fasting) to see the toxic waste, at a glance (how much, how long there, what is the parasite load, etc.) when I meet a person. It is an intuitive hit I never expected to have, but it is there. Most people living a long time in LA (without a break) are very toxic and the feeling I get about them is:

They are way too toxic; too long in the city, too much exposure to pollutants, and if they should ever decide to try to detox all that, they wouldn’t be able to handle it. After letting it build up so long, they’d die trying.  For starters, it would take major life changes or a crisis to find the motivation to begin to clean up all that’s inside them. Then they’d need to get smart quick about detox. If they did 3-4 quarts of green smoothies every day, they might have a chance; that is the only way I know to safely detox so much waste quickly and safely.  

© Copyright 2015 Steve Hamlin