Here again, I have no training or experience in this subject. But I am going to simply share what I myself do, and would do if I had an issue with my prostate.

Feldenkrais is not about curing such body parts, but common sense would say that for sure, improving circulation is going to help any situation, whether that is cancer or swollen prostate or whatever. So that means:

  • More squatting and floor sitting, where the blood does not pool in the legs so much as in chair sitting. There is more blood circulation in the pelvic area in floor sitting of any kind.
  • Learning to drop the floor of the pelvis down (as discussed many times on this site).
  • Becoming aware more of the tailbone rather than the flesh and bones of the pelvis.
  • Sitting on a little ball in center of pelvis to massage that area. It feels, in fact, really good. For most people a ball somewhat smaller than a tennis ball works well.
  • Doing movements and stretches that open and strengthen the pelvic floor. This would include yoga stretches like “the splits” etc.
  • Making the Pelvis more a part of the self-image, and using the pelvis dynamically for postural support and ordinary movements (where the pelvis often is in a state off frozen immobility). This can come only from months or years of Feldenkrais involvement.
  • Using hard and flat topped wooden stools, where the tailbone is suspended, and where the sitting bones can move as needed. This encourages better movement and blood circulation to the prostate area.
  • All this would be enhanced naturally by regularly doing Feldenkrais ATM movement lessons.


As far as the other aspects of prostate trouble- the hormones out of balance, the build up of heavy metals, too many hormone-like plastic substances in the body, my view is that traditional detox methods, if rightly applied, can help us here, as well as being careful about diet and exposure to toxins. For me that would indicate:

  • Sensible fasting
  • Lymphatic rebounding or ankle jumping
  • Salt baths
  • Liver flushing
  • Use of Willard’s Water, Clear, two cups a day minimum. I like Willard’s Water because it is proven for many decades, and can dismantle petrochemical residues in the body.
  • Self-massage of the prostate (You can Google this)
  • Colon cleansing, including special detox enemas
  • Ring Muscle exercises (Google this)
  • Use of healing magnets on prostate in sitting or while driving (use a seat cushion with the magnet built in, as I have done) – “negative” pole and most healing magnets use the color green to indicate “north”. 
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